Recap from Arkansas' 6-2 win over Wright State

Looked to me that Frank was grabbing under his armpit, which suggests maybe a strained/torn latissimus (upon consulation with docestes).

I used my MRI app on my iPhone from my seat behind 3rd base


So, doc, any idea what kind of timetable might be involved if Frank’s injury is a strained/torn latissimus?

He’s a key piece in our bullpen. Stinks to lose him for any time.

Yeah he definitely looked like he was favoring his back for sure let’s just hope he’s got a strain or some kind of muscle spasm… I know I’ve been working out before and done that and I was fine after about a week of laying off.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I am not an orthopedist….

But I wouldn’t expect it to be any sooner than what was projected for Tygart

Dave Van Horn said at Swatter’s Club that he’s awaiting word on the injury to Frank.

“Hopefully that’s just a (lat) strain,” Van Horn said.

“If it is what we think it is, we’re talking five or six weeks,” he added.

That would be better than the rest of the seaso, still be talking probably May before he could get in a game by then 1/2 of the SEC schedule is gone… always something.