25 offensive boards. Someone call myth busters.

Unfortunately we had little success with stick backs and when fouled, the free throws had the same effect as turning the ball over. All in all a very disappointing evening.

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Two SEC road games and haven’t scored 60 in either of those games.
We have a problem!


Not quite, but we did have 17. You have to be shooting really poorly to get 17 offensive boards and 32 free throw attempts, and still not score 60 points for the game. We had to miss at least 6 or 7 shots from about 6 inches. AB was 13-16 free throws and the rest of the team was 6-16.

Ugly game!

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I know, but we dominated the glass. Shooting trumps it all. Gotta make shots. Dominating rebounding is just a meaningless stat.

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19 of 32 will lose you a lot of games. How many were on the front end of a 1 & 1? That’s the game.

Under current rules, there can’t be more than 6 1 and 1s in a game, and I don’t think there were that many. But I’ll go back and look.

Ok. Makhi missed a 1 and 1 in the first half and Graham in the second half. So there were two.