I know we haven’t played SEC level teams but you can already tell how much better we are on the boards this year. Have out rebounded every team so far and think after today we are averaging +16 on the boards (today + 22). Obviously won’t keep that up but won’t be games like last year at LSU where we got beaten on the boards by 29 (and miraculously almost won).


Connor is a much better rebounder than I thought he’d be.

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We are better rebounders but certain players are. And certain players till suck. Depending on who is on the floor is how we will rebound. It’s not like this team is better coached to rebound. We just have better rebounders that weren’t here last year. So like I said. We are good if certain players on are the floor. Connor smith Tate and moody being those.

Well, who “sucks” rebounding? Not arguing, just asking as I haven’t noticed much sucking in this teams first four games


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Rebounding will be a strength. Connor is a lot better rebounder than I expected.

I kinda think that cake is still baking. I appreciate the rebound differential thus far lets see what happens when competition improves

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The stats are there. Look at rebounds per minute and you’ll have your answer. I sat in the gym tonight and watched with my own eyes players do a terrible job rebounding. None of them start.

Rebounding that’s when you get the ball after a missed shot. Just trying to help you if your going to sit in the gym you need to know what a rebound is. Last night for instance we had 54 of those and Lipscomb had 32 of those things that come off the rim or backboard.

Yea I’m sure Miss will show them the box score instead of the film. And just pat them on the back. That’ll be some great coaching. Hey guys great box score. You won and out rebounded. No need to break down film on where we can improve. Everyone just go get ice cream and a sixer.

Muss knows the game is not a joke. I really don’t think you know what a rebound actually is.

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