Rebounding help is on the way

I don’t know what else Daniel Gafford will be able to do next year, but he WILL REBOUND. The guy aggressively attacks the glass. So does Da Da Hall. Hall may be considered a wing player, but I believe he would be a more productive player than the guys we’ve played at the 4 this year.

Daniel reminds me of a taller Derek Hood. Pogo stick.

Those long arms of Hall. Was he born with them?

Kingsley is too soft! Gafford will battle but he will need to learn to stay out of foul trouble. Hall is a best too! Add Gafford’s talent and they are by far the best 3 freshmen we have had to sign some the triplets! Only time will tell how they perform but the Future sure looks bright for hawg ball !
Dessie Sills will arrive in 2018 and he is a firecracker. He has all the moves and can score!
It’s a shame last year we missed Willis. If Monk would have just told MA early that he was going to Kentucky we could have landed him!
The young kids from Arkansas are talking to each other and making decisions to he to the hill. It’s wonderful.

Soft? Moses? The guy leading the league in blocks and 3rd in rebounds? The one one saved the game last night? The guy who was on the All SEC Defensive team and should probably have been SEC Def. POY?

No. Not soft. Definitely awkward at times and looks like a 6’8 guy who has only played basketball for 7-8 years. And, he is limited offensively with his back to the basket.

But soft? Nope. No way.

I don’t understand how anybody can call Moses soft. He is limited offensively, but he is far from soft.

For the record, I did not start this thread as a knock on Moses. Moses is about as soft as the top of Pinnacle Mountain.

We rebounded 77% of Vandy’s misses today, which is a complete Windex job on the defensive glass.

Kingsley took more bad spills in that Ole Miss game than I ever recall seeing a big man take and he never flinched. I was certain he had been injured a couple times - nope. Got right up, never flinched. Super tough. Always battles full speed. Not sure we’ve been watching the same guy.

Also not certain we see Day, Mayberry and Miller the same if you believe the three signed for next year are “by far” the 3 best signees since the triplets. Day and Mayberry were McDonald’s all Americans and all three ended up being 1st round NBA picks.

Also… I’ve seen Sills play several times in person and I don’t ever recall seeing him put a “move” on anyone nor have I seen any prolific scoring. He plays tough (just like that entire team) and is a serviceable shooter (with questionable form). Think more of a Julysses Nobles than say… an Alvin Robertson (imo). Glad to have him but again not sure we are watching the same guy.

I have not seen the play of either Gafford or Hall. I hope they are better than Thomas and Cook. Our team desperately needs two forward drivers that can score and rebound. If that is the case, we’ll be good with the guards we have and coming.

My goodness. We’ve got several solid and two potential stars (Perry and Gafford) on the way. Let’s not get carried away. Everone signed or commited is not going to be one of our all time greats. A couple of them may not even play.