Rebnecks taking a page from football

Elko gets a hit and acts hurt. The next thing you know, he stole 2B. Oh good grief.


They’re up 2-0 after 1 inning. I’ll be sick if those people win this.

I’ll be sick when either one wins!

ANY way neither one wins???


I hope OU beats Ole Miss like a drum.

Now no is playing like the aggies: poor defense, errors, etc.

3-0 Rebnecks middle of the 2nd.

I’m still rooting for the asteroid but if it doesn’t show up, I’m okay with OK.


Oklahoma’s making some mistakes giving them extra outs that’ll get you beat pretty much every time.

Ole miss 4-0 4 th

Looks likely OM will take game 1. 4-0 in middle of 4th. I want to vomit.

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Ole Miss gamble throwing this guy and it’s paying off for them, didn’t quite work out for us but that’s just way it goes sometimes

This Ole P!as pitcher is the fellow who gave up the walk off homer by Diggs.

OU got 2 runs in the 6th so it’s 4-2 now. However, the bases were loaded with 0 outs and 1 run in. Got 2 strikeouts then walked in the 2d run.

OU still has an uphill climb. That inning ended up being a minor win for OM. Could’ve been a big inning.

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:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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This game is over. 8-2 OM in the 8th. Hope OU sends it to game 3 and OM is out of pitching by then


Ole Miss winning makes me sick!


Looks like Ole Piss is gonna win the natty before us

Don’t count no out. Over the last several years, the natty has been won by the team losing game 1.

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