Rebnecks may have given a game away

Ole Miss is playing a doubleheader at Vandy, two 7-inning games like ours yesterday. Vandy scored 3 in the 6th of the first game to go up 5-2. OM scored four in the top of the 7th to go up 6-5. Vandy got a man to 3rd in the 7th, and OM booted a grounder to second that would have been the third out to let Vandy score the tying run. But Vandy then tried a double steal and the runner slid past the third-base bag on that no-dirt infield and got tagged out. Going to extra innings now.

A Vandy win in either game today makes us the solo leader in the West, by the way. OM would have to sweep today to tie us at 10-5.

Extra innings Vandy didn’t want to win either. I hope they play 40 innings today to complete the double header.

Rebs got a run in the top of the eighth after a leadoff double. Vandy coming up now.

Leadoff HR by Vandy in B8 to tie. Now Vandy has a runner on 1st with no outs in B8

Vandy wins on a wild pitch. Yep, Rebnecks gave it away.

That’s awesome.

Vandy deserved that game choked away winning it in the 7th

I don’t care how they lost. I’m just glad they lost, and I hope the lose game two as well! Don’t like Ole Miss.

Detest isn’t strong enough for my disdain of Ola miss.

The bears blow the 2nd game, too. Vandy tags a reb runner on third base using the hidden ball trick. OM had a 2 run lead going into B6, but Vandy got up 8-7, the final score.