Rebnecks beat Aggies in 11

A&M blew a 3-0 lead and a 4-3 lead in extra innings at Oxford. Rebs loaded the bases and got a two-run single in the 11th to win 5-4.

Aggies are now a full game behind us in the West. I guess they’re tied with LSU at 11-7 for second since their tie with Misery doesn’t count in the standings. Rebs are now 11-8. I guess the best outcome for us would be for OM to win the series 2-1, which would leave both teams with 12 conference wins.

Well it is nice to get a little help and gain a half game not playing a game! Now the hogs just need to win tomorrow night.
It was a little odd seeing Texas A&M pull their closer before they burned him but Ole Miss used their closer for 3 innings. That make me give the edge tommirw to A&M.

I stayed up an watched it, very surprised they blew the lead but glad they did,we have a chance to create some seperation if we can TCB…big series for us with tonight being the key game…must win tonight.

Big and especially with the LHP on the mound for Tennessee. I’m hoping Campbell is dialed in and in complete command. Maybe our offense can put some runs on the board early and often.

It’s going to be another low-scoring game with the team that takes advantage of opportunities the best eliminates mistakes will win. Huge game for us because if they win they get the momentum and they had their ace on the mound tomorrow. The only team hit him hard was Mississippi State gave up four runs in three innings and 5 hits but they have a ton of right-handed batters and the lineup

Luckily I don’t think Crochet tonight is an “elite” starter. His ERA is solid, but his B/AVG is almost .300 in SEC play, and his WHIP is 1.48 in SEC play. Hopefully we can jump on him early and get into their pen tonight. That would be huge for Saturday and Sunday.

I haven’t seen him throw but notice he’s striking out a lot of people so either he either throws hard or has a very good strike out-pitch like curveball or change up. We just need to be able to put the bat on the ball and hopefully find some holes and take advantage of opportunities with runners in scoring position and less than 2 outs.