Reasonable expectations for rest of the season.......................

…assuming we have players and coaches who want to and will compete hard the rest of the way:

  1. Fewer turnovers - Have the QB’s just take fewer chances and just run and slide when the pocket breaks down. Not just chunking it into double coverage is football 101. Get that through their thick heads and you got a chance to improve. Of the three QB’s that played last week, Connor seemed to get it better than the other two. They rushed three and max defended mostly and he refused to throw it except one time into the tight coverage and mostly ran the ball. If Ty can’t do that, then it is Connor’s turn to try.

  2. Give the defense a chance to succeed by making the other team’s offense go for long drives to score. Give Chavis a chance to scheme and blitz to make big plays. We are way short of great on defense but we are better than the turnovers have allowed us to look this season. Give them a chance by avoiding turnovers.

  3. Despite the fair catch fiasco, our special teams are improved over last year. Coverage is better and place kicking is OK. The botched 38 year field goal is balanced by the made 52 yarder so OK so far. We got some athletic ability in Hayden, Hammonds, Warren, etc. It may be time to put one of them at punt returner to make that part of the kicking game more special.

  4. Froholdte cannot do it alone. Jackson is now back and will help. Hoping Capps will settle in and help. We need Gibson and Wallace to play like returning veterans and block somebody every play for a change. The O-line can improve with a buy-in from more than Froholdte. This is the critical need on this team right now.

  5. To make the RPO work, you have to have a threat at each option. Teams have sold out to stop the run because they don’t think our QB’s are a true running threat nor our receivers are threats to make them pay for single covering them. Until that changes, this offense is dead in the water. If Ty Storey can’t become that dual threat at QB, it is Connor’s turn to try. He may be the key to salvaging this season. By salvaging, I mean not going winless the rest of the way. Right now, Tulsa may be it for another win, but there is lots of time for gradual improvement on this team and injuries may make the Vandy, Ole Miss, Mizzou, or MissState games easier than they appear they will be right now.

  6. Then, we give CCM a chance to recruit his way out of this situation. Signs of progress will help even if wins are few and far between this year.


Good analysis.

At this juncture I’m struggling to see a conference win and can easily picture a loss to Tulsa. Lowest of the lows.

When you in the bottom of a well, the only way to go is up. But it is one step at a time and I think most of us will be interested in how we look around the 8th game this year. I expect improvement but how much I have no idea.

[quote]To make the RPO work, you have to have a threat at each option. Teams have sold out to stop the run because they don’t think our QB’s are a true running threat nor our receivers are threats to make them pay for single covering them. Until that changes, this offense is dead in the water.

Great point. One that my best friend and I discussed as we watched the UNT game.

Chad Morris isn’t going to abandon the RPO…because he’s not only trying to win games now, but also implementing a system that he believes in and that he plans to be the foundation for the future. BTW–its the system most people are running these days…one that our fanbase has clamored for (though some want the Air Raid…very much not the same thing!)–and its a system in which Chad Morris is seen as being one of the real gurus.

But with the RPO, just like the old triple option, every option has to be a viable, threatening option. And of course the resulting double teams you gain by not blocking someone must overwhelm at that point of attack.

Those aren’t happening right now. Morris has mentioned the double teams aren’t getting push. That means NONE of the options in this RPO offense are really a threat.

Its not scheme. Its round pegs being shoved into square holes.

The only scheme thing one might say Morris could do is rely on the RPO less. And, he is trying to do that, if you watch the o-line rather than the ball. But there is limited practice time…and they clearly spent a huge chuck getting the RPO stuff installed.

Its a tough spot for Chad and his offensive staff.

My hopes are simple: I want to beat the spread against Auburn…literally play better than predicted…then I am hoping for a miracle against the Aggies. Chad needs a win in the very very very very worst way.

Reasonable expectations is simply at this point to just improve game to game. Hopefully by the end of the season Noland will be ready to take over as full time qb, and then we can see some better progress.

I’d also add that hopefully by the end of the season we are seeing more playing time by the freshman safeties, to get them ready.

I don’t expect much, I expect us to beat Tulsa, but that’s about it. This isn’t a quick fix.

Bret left a horrible, lazy, soft culture. We have to get rid of that culture and pray it doesn’t get passed down from the upper class men to Chads recruits. I want them to take on chads personality, and work ethic. Bret’s personality and work ethic got us to this point, not sure how at this point people will pretend like he did some good. Grades are irrelevant to me in this, we are a bad, bad football program, and competitive teams sell the tickets.

I expect Gus to go easy on Chad and not run up the score. Gus hated Bret but has been a friend to Chad for a long time.

I think everyone needs to step back and make a more realistic evaluation of the situation. This program at the moment is in shambles and CCM has to be provided the opportunity to change the culture and get his player on campus. He cannot fix both sides of the line of scrimmage in one recruiting class. He lacks an offense that can minimize the defense’s time on the field and lacks a defense that has the ability to lock down an opponents offense. He has too many positions to fill on both sides of the ball. It is probably not politically correct on his part to say “this thing is a mess” but that is the reality of the situation.

I don’t expect Gus to take it easy on us. Not one bit. He’s trying to get into the CFP. Style points count.

This ain’t show friends, it’s show business. He will lay 50+ on us if he can. Trust me.

My question is can they look like they wanna play and be prepared to go 4 quarters. For the rest of the season.

Well I certainly hope so. Don’t you? Wouldn’t you like to see Chad surprise his doubters and get this team straightened out?

My expectations are to play hard, hit hard and do their best every game. Good things will come from that.

Regarding special teams, the thing that kept galling me Saturday was that almost every time UNT kicked off to us, our returner (not sure who it was, pretty sure I read somewhere that De’Vion Warren was out), instead of calling a fair catch and us getting the ball on the 25, insisted on trying to return it and barely got back across the 20 most times. I remember one time he got out to about the 29 and my son and I texted to each other how shocked we were that we were actually starting that series outside the 25. That 4-5 yards of lost field position adds up when the other team is kicking off to you seven or eight times each game. Just an observation and maybe a criticism of our special teams coaching…this should be easily fixable. Maybe it fixes itself when the more experienced and more explosive Warren gets back on the field.

I think the one thing that disgusted me the most happened after the pick six. NTS was penalized back to the twenty and we called a fair catch rather than return it.