Reason for Hope...

Read earlier, on this board nonetheless, that “the outcome will not be any point of wonder.” So here is why I hold out hope.

Auburn is not THAT much better than North Texas, and Mason Fine is considerably better that Stidham. There is much more parity in college football now than there was even 10-15 years ago. NT had some really good athletes all over the field, and I expect them to go undefeated the rest of the season.

The past 2 losses have been on Cole Kelley’s shoulders; think about it. And he probably would have lost us the first one had Storey not saved us. He DOES NOT figure in the game plan at all this weekend.

Arkansas had 6 INTs against NT. No team can overcome that and win a football game. I expect a significant turnaround this weekend.

I think the betting line of Auburn -30 is a gross overreaction to the debacle last weekend. I expect the game to be within 2 touchdowns. And heck, if the wind blows just the right way, who knows what might happen on the Plains. Who’s gonna be the next Fred Talley?

20 point favorites occasionally lose but Auburn is a 30 point favorite and 30 point favorites win 24 out of 25 games. I have no hope of beating Auburn, Arkansas may lose by 60 and with a lot of luck they might keep the score within a couple of touchdowns. Neither result would surprise me.

I’m as optimistic as they come. While I see hope, it’s more towards the future, though I won’t argue for more immediate success. But Kelley is not the sole reason. It’s a team sport. You win together and you lose together, not one player is causing our current slide.

Those two losses aren’t solely on CK. If you give him the L for CSU, you have to give him credit for two TD drives that pushed the lead to 18 and then a TD pass that was not credited though it appeared the receiver was in-bounds. That TD would have likely been the knockout punch. Yes, he stunk it up last week. No question. But to say both losses are solely on him is a bit of a stretch.

Love the optimism. But saying Auburn is not that much better than North Texas is like saying the Patriots are not much better than most high school programs.

Can we get some lucky breaks and Auburn be off a game - sure.

But the beating that is about to happen would make Rocky in the first movie blush.

You lost me at “The past 2 losses have been on Cole Kelley’s shoulders”. You seem to only have a surface understanding of the game of football.