They printed in the paper the coaches code to the locker room? In an interview with Yurachek, he divulged the code, a clever number, and it was revealed in the paper. Unbelievable.

The newspaper did not print the code to the locker room. Bob Holt quoted Yurachek as saying:

“As an athletic director, I love that,” Yurachek said. "What he talked about during the interview process was setting goals for your team and talking about those goals.

“Simple things like his code to the locker room is [NCAA Tournament] Selection Sunday – the date of that – so the guys are always constantly thinking about what that goal is. I’ve got no problem with a coach setting a goal like that and in his first day on the job really putting that goal out there.”

Was it a three-digit code? Four digits? Five? Six? Seven? Eight? It could be any number of combinations. The story also did not disclose whether that was the locker room in the arena or the practice center. Plus, there are likely other security codes before one can make it to that point in either facility, and the codes are going to change when a new coaching staff is in place.

I don’t see anything wrong with what was written because Yurachek divulged the information in a public setting with audio recorders and video cameras rolling. It also gives an interesting insight into the inner workings of the man who was just hired.

Fortunately, they left out one detail.