Really wish Kiffin would be hired...

And for me to say that is something I never thought I would say… but, Arkansas needs a competitive advantage. I really believe Kiffin gives us that… he can recruit, his offense is innovative, and most importantly, he’s not intimidated by the “big boys” of the SEC. Is he a risk? Sure. But so was Petrino and he got us into the top 10 rather quickly… yes, it didn’t end well, but, neither did it end well with the high character coach either.

I’m sure it’ll be Morris, and he’s safe, but, I’d much rather take a big risk.

I disagree on Kiffin for one reason. He says he wants Bama and Saban. He has used his Twitter to troll Saban. We play Bama every year, Saban is still animated, but I don’t think he is really motivated. Kiffin would motivate him to hang a 100 on us every time we play. A motivated Saban is a scary thought. As good as many think Kiffin is, and as much a name as he has, he won’t beat a motivated Saban.

Not a substantive response baked hog. Do you think he is not motivated every time his team comes out the tunnel? He is possessed

Beating Bama with Saban motivated or not motivated will not happen until (and if) we get a few years of great recruiting/coaching at Arkansas. So in my opinion we need to hire the best coach/recruiter we can to get to there. I don’t like Kiffin much. I had a front row seat here in TN with his antics for a year. But with a strong AD and boundaries set on hire he could be a great hire. Who knows? My last worry is Saban being motivated. My worry is putting wins on the board and the coach representing us well. Representing us well is my biggest worry with Kiffin.

I don’t disagree with your last two sentences.

I wish we would hire Kiffin today. If you blanked out his name and slid 10 resumes onto the athletic directors desk he would pick him out of the stack as the most qualified, no doubt. Then check his reference’s(Saban in particular) and his current employer and hire him if he is most qualified. There is risk with everyone we are examining but…with great risk comes great reward. He has the upside we are hopeful for…GO GET HIM BEFORE SOME ELSE DOES. Go Hogs!

Arkansas has usually taken the safe hire. Time for a change. Roll the big ones. Lane Kiffin.