Really Nice article on Trey Flowers … ensive-end

We all knew Trey was a great talent with the Hogs, but he has reached even higher in the NFL… how many rings does he have now?

One less than he’s going to have Sunday night.

But I believe the current answer would be 1.

That was a good article, thanks Dave.

Wonderful read, so happy for the young man. Great Razorback.

He’s about to get seriously paid, will be interesting to see if the Patriots are willing to franchise tag him.

Great article and well deserving of Trey. Watching him play and he is in the mix constantly on run and pass plays.

The Patriots seldom pay the huge bucks for a player. They have let several all-pro players go via trade rather than keep them. How they continue to be great is amazing. I hope Trey gets a great contract, but I expect him to sign with somebody other than New England. When you watch Trey, he is not a physically superior player, but those long arms are an incredible asset to him. I see why, after watching Trey, these NFL guys covet the long-armed defenders and offensive tackles.

Trey got an Arkansas offer in the last week of recruiting. He was committed to Georgia Tech. Then flipped when the Hogs offered. I believe he was a Steve Caldwell find. When you speak of intangibles, it’s players like Trey and Martrell Spaight that come to mind first.

I love to talk to Robert Flowers. He’s a treat and so is Trey.

It is a short trip from Huntsville, Ala, to Atlanta. I bet Trey needs a lot of tickets for all his brothers and sisters and their kids.

No other SEC team wanted him and he always played with a chip on his shoulder. He’s a worker and a perfect fit for the Patriots.

Love Trey and how he plays the game and so thrillled he was a Razorback!! Thank you for sharing this great article on him.

I wish we could sign 25 players with those characteristics each year. They seem to always become very productive players for us.

He was a three star. But there was never a doubt that he was the best of that DE class when they all got to campus. The work ethic he got from his father was wonderful. What was not discussed in that article was that he was a brilliant student. He came to school planning on an engineering degree.

When the decision was made to elevate his playing time as a true freshman (and it may have been because Tenarius Wright was injured), Robert (his dad) told him that he should consider a degree path that was a bit less demanding of his time “because football was going to demand more early.” That was good advice. Trey was always on the dean’s list during his time at Arkansas.

This is something I wrote after an interview with Robert Flowers ahead of a recent Super Bowl: … ise-light/

I checked with Robert Flowers just now. He said Trey had to get 25 tickets for this Super Bowl. That’s a big family and Trey and Robert have them all there.

Great story covering a great Razorback family. :smiley: