Really need to Win Sunday

Conference sweeps are so very difficult to come by. A 3-0 start is so much better than 2-1. Seems like Auburn may have their stinger down a little (I said the cold might get to them). Need to keep them there. Baseball is such a funny game in that as it last only until the pitchers are announced the next day.

Little neat aside. I listened to game 1 while driving from Regina, SK to Calgary, AB Friday. When you think about it, that is just pretty darn cool.


Yes it is. Tomorrow will be a big game. A sweep at home over Auburn is needed our hogs head to LSU next weekend. That will be a rough series.
You need to win your home series and if you sweep it is icing on the cake. The road series are brutal. Winning road series can be a tall task.

Yeah we definitely need to win Sunday to put us at 3-0 bc it’s going to be hard to win any games in Baton Rouge next weekend.

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Warren Nolan has us going 0-3 in Baton Rouge. (I have no idea what metrics he uses. The predictions on that site change constantly and vary quite a bit.)

Amazing, isn’t it. Every year when I go to the (dog show) National, I marvel at being able to listen to games. Last year I lost the signal as I went through Denver on my way to Estes Park. But I was able to listen on my way home.

Well I have seen LSU and they have absolutely no weakness.

Their lineup is full of grown men who absolutely go up to the plate to crush the baseball and most of them will end up being in the big leagues.

Their Friday starter is supposedly the best pitcher in college baseball since Stephen Strasburg and I totally can see why …He very easily throws 100 and then backs up with a filthy 83/84 curveball and he doesn’t BB people he knows where it’s going… I think he’s given up less than 15 hit’s all year and is averaging 2k and inning with very few walks.

The second and third starters we might can score a few runs off of but they’re no slouches at all. They have given up 45 runs all year.

So yeah we will be a huge underdog in every game but in baseball you got a round ball and a round bat and sometimes they connect just at the right time for things to turn out totally different than they would most of the time…

My advice …go up there take your three swings if you don’t hit it …go sit down because if you don’t swing you can’t hit it

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I don’t believe we go 0-3 at LSU, but then in the last year I believed we would beat the Zags and Kansas and stated it on here. So I’m probably wrong.

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Only 59 K’s in 30 innings…he has a lot of improvement to go.

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The guy is dominant. If he leaves Charlie in the middle of the plate it will fly a long way.

Yeah and only 4 BB he definitely needs some work for sure LOL but he challenges you so go up there ready to hit hopefully you’ll run into one. We have some very good hitters we are very capable of doing that