really like the new PBP guy

he’s much better than the guy we had,this guy is funny and on top of the game.Campbell threw a nasty CB and the said Filth! I loved it…kept talking about run rules!just really like his style

Yea, him and Troy Ekland are good together. They play off each other and seem to really click. They actually have a good point on the run rule, at least when there is a doubleheader involved.

Chuck is the best. Hands down

Brett is very good. He was a major league radio man - a coveted position. You don’t get to that point without being one of the best.

I enjoyed listening to Brett when he took over for Milo Hamilton in Houston and I enjoy his work now. Good addition.

I haven’t had a chance to hear him yet. I plan to watch a replay later.

I must admit that I am really enjoying Bubba Carpenter on the radio commentary. I am sorry that they got rid of Rick, but Bubba does bring a lot of good info to the game. He and Phil get along well and tease each other during the broadcast, but it never gets in the way of the game call. That makes for an outstanding broadcast.

I’m a big fan if Bubba as well. Really enjoy their chemistry

I have watched the new guy several times now and feel he is a marked improvement over his predecessor. However, not trying to be mean to young Mr. Pearlman, it would be hard to not be.

I do have a minor complaint, but I think it will work itself out in due course. That being that, since he has lived in Texas so long, there seem to be several Texas-related mentions (of various sorts) in every broadcast. While that is of NO concern to many viewers (especially the younger ones), it does grate a bit on me. Just being honest. As I said, I believe he will steer away from that as he settles into the job.

Also, and this is more related to Troy than Brett, is that they seem to cover a LOT of the same ground in almost every broadcast. Now, I do understand that when you’re covering a team, there’s only so many stories to go over, etc. On the other hand, MLB teams have 3 times as many games to cover and most of those broadcast teams (at least, the ones I’ve listened to over the years) don’t seem to recycle the same info nearly as frequently.

Examples of “fun facts” I’ve heard in nearly every broadcast this season: (1) that Heston Kjersted was 5’10 and 165 lbs when he committed as a soph in HS, and is now 6’3" and 190 lbs; (b) that it’s difficult to hit in Baum when the sun/shade line is between home plate and the pitcher’s mound; © that Koch played on the USA collegiate team this past off-season and led the team in batting. Yes - I know that some people are tuning in for their first broadcast of the season each time. But for this team (which broadcasts games NOT picked up by ESPN, ESPNU or ESPN2), they have to know that most of the folks watching are “regulars” who care enough to watch the streamed broadcasts and so have heard/watched them many times. When I was watching the ESPN2 broadcast on Friday, they didn’t retread these stories. So, it can be done.

Finally, I will also say that having watched/listened to some of the other SEC broadcast teams (for their streamed games), we do have it pretty good. Some of those other groups are pretty bad.

Brett comes to the media interviews with the baseball team in midweek that preview games. He takes notes. I’ve never seen any radio or TV guy ever do that in 40 years of covering college sports. I give him huge props for that.

I’ve enjoyed Brett at the Swatters Club meetings.

One thing about Bubba, he seems to spend some time with the team during BP and infield. He often knows exactly what the players have been doing to prepare. I think the Razorbacks have good quality in both of the broadcast booths.