Really like Mason Jones

Game. He knows how to play. He compensates for his lack of athleticism with a great feel for the game. Loved his effort to go get the ball on that last rebound.

He had a phenomenal game.

Forfeited a point for the win.

Great great pickup he has a high basketball iq makes up for his lack in athleticism.

He’s reminds me so much of Chris Walker, AKA Creep.

Creep always looked awkward and slow but was a very effective player.

I actually don’t see a lot of lack of athleticism. He made some very good athletic plays today.

Where did this lack of athleticism slogan begin its parroting?

Guys a player and athlete.

What Gas said…

I was thinking that he looked pretty athletic on the last rebound

My comparison would be Lenzie Howell.

Ya he’s a fairly big G/SF who turns the corner in the motion offense and gets in the lane and drops dimes. That’s not a tomahawk dunk but there is skill/athleticism in it.

He just started playing basketball about 4 years ago. He has big upside. Very good find by MA and the type of player that helped make us great when we were great.

The obligatory Lenzie Howell reference. I don’t see it.

When you are 6’5 and can’t dunk you lack athleticism I don’t care who you are…Nonetheless Mason is a great player and very skilled with high basketball iq

I don’t think Mason lacks athleticism, he just doesn’t have a surplus of it. Probably about average for a guy on a Power 5 team in terms of quickness, speed and leaping ability. If you have say a Michael Qualls on one end of the spectrum and a Dusty Hannahs on the other, Mason probably falls somewhere in the middle of those two. He does have above average basketball skills and a lot of basketball savvy. Kind of surprising how court smart he is, given the fact that he hasn’t been playing the game very long. Nice addition to the team. He should only get better from here.

I think this is because when he was a kid, he probably played with both his brother and sister in the backyard or at the local gym. Both were pretty good players

Only been playing the game for 4 years?

Yes, when he signed, or was being recruited it was posted on here about his lack of organized team experience.

based on what I’ve seen what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for it in hustle and basketball IQ. Larry Bird was not an athlete either but knew how to play better than anybody who has ever played.

Yes sir. In the past , some of our players were " Great Athletes" but never turned into players. Based upon what I see, Mason looks like a basketball player.

I agree he reminds me more of Lenzie as well. Small forward type

OT but the FAMOUS Larry Bird story told by KC Jones…everybody has heard this, right? :wink:

“We are playing in Seattle. Five seconds left on the clock and the score is tied and it is our timeout. In the huddle, I am thinking Xavier McDaniel is guarding Larry. So I said, “Now Kevin, you take the ball out and get it to Dennis and Dennis you can finish that.” Larry said, “Why don’t you just give me the ball and tell everybody else to get the hell out of the way?” So I said, “Larry you play, and I’ll coach.” And he said, “All right.” So I said, “Dennis, you take it out and you get it to Kevin. Kevin you get it to Larry and everybody else get the hell out of the way.” That is communication. Before the timeout was over, he leaves the huddle, and I said to myself, where is he going? And Xavier was right there and Bird said, “Xavier, I’m getting the ball. I’m going to take two dribbles to the left. I’m going to step back behind the three point line and stick it.” And that is what he did. So when he stepped back behind the line and released the ball, as soon as he released it, his arm was still in the air going to the dressing room. Game over.”