Really Like Big Ben

McDonald as color guy for these SEC baseball games. I’m watching LSU/Auburn now, but he’s been good all year long in other games he’s done. Very knowledgeable & his comments are usually spot on.

What you can count on, if there is an LSU angle in any game, he’ll find it. He can be doing Arkansas-Mississippi State, and he’ll work around to talking about LSU. He’s pretty good, but there is no dodging that he’s an LSU guy – all of the time.

I guess I don’t mind that as much as I used to. Goes with the territory with most of these kind of guys that played different sports in the SEC. But Ben knows a lot about all these different SEC clubs, and he’s easy to listen to. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t get around to talking about LSU, even during an Arkansas game. He’s also got good stories of his days in pro ball.

I’d prefer he talk mostly about Arkansas and the team Arkansas is playing when he’s doing an Arkansas game.