Really impressed with the broadcast team yesterday

I just went back and rewatched the game and it was just as exciting the second time!!! I couldn’t help but notice how great Brian Anderson and Jim Jackson did in calling the game…

They were very impartial, gave us plenty of props and Jim Jackson who I remember playing was very knowledgeable in his insights.

Yesterday was just an absolutely fun and incredible game to watch!!


It’s crazy how much Jim Jackson looks like Corliss. Jim talked about Corliss’ mom mistaking him for Corliss during the Illinois game.


I was at a previously scheduled event and had to record the game for later viewing. I warned my cousin and a friend not to text about the game. But as the event was ending my phone blew up with texts. At least 20 so I pretty much knew we won my wife peeked at the texts and smiled. Then I knew and starting answering the texts. Came home and watched every minute. What a night…


Jim Jackson’s game was also very similar to Corliss’