Really impressed this weekend

The Hogs offense really turned on for this series. We keep hitting like this combined with good defense and pitching, and we have as good a chance as anyone.

We need to lock down defense. This weekend was uncharacteristic and we can’t allow it to become a problem.

Great job by Wiggins and Macentire today.

Let’s sweep Vandy!


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we were much more aggressive today at the plate,especially early had 10 hits in 3 innings,I think that is the key for this team,go up there to swing the sticks,know the strike zone and attack the ball and “Knock” the pitcher out of the game rather than letting him build up his pitch count and keep his team in the game for 5-6 innings.I know we couldn’t really put them away late with the big hit but I liked the way we attacked a pitcher that had shut down most every team he faced and went 6-9 innings in almost all of the them…we knocked him out in 2 2/3…loved it!!

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Over all this weekend I’m not impressed with our base running! Making the first out in an inning at 3rd base. Failing to tag up and move up on fly balls that should have been sac flies! Failing to lay down a bunt to move runners like in the 9 inning of game 2. Being to passive at the plate in games 1 and 2.
The pitching I won’t complain about. The Homers allowed in game 2 sure hurt but they were solo shots. I’m wondering why DVH and Hobbs would try to get more than 1 inning out of Zeb in any appearance to the mound.
Great weekend. The hogs need to beat Vandy at least 2 out of 3. Then go to Bama and sweep.

I guess I saw a different game on Saturday. That was a great 3 hitter we notched.

Thank goodness for Webb’s 3 run bomb today…what a timely hit.

2 outta 3 ain’t bad. If you look at our consistently abysmal hitting, you can’t look at this weekend as anything but an overall success

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There were two big swings Saturday that could have changed that game. Moore’s sac fly in the seventh was nearly a three-run home run and Slavens was robbed by DiChiara on the line drive that doubled up Turner to end the inning.

On the whole, this was a good weekend offensively — 21 runs and 26 hits on the road despite a stinker in the middle. There were runners all over the bases Friday and today, and a lot of timely at-bats in those games.

For the weekend Arkansas was 18 for 60 (.300) with runners on base and 11 for 35 (.314) with runners in scoring position. In the wins those numbers were 16 for 42 (.381) and 10 for 29 (.345).


Yeah we were a little more clutch for the most part this weekend. I don’t worry about the defense, we will go through a game every night and then we’re we don’t look like ourselves but we’re still going to make plays that are very very tough in fact that double play to end the game was extremely hard because he had to back up and catch the ball on kind of a short hop and he made it look easy. I like the lineup the way it is now… I think you will see lanzilli play against LH and Gregory against RH.

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