Really hoping we get Horton back now

Tim was offered a job by Bielema, with conditions. He was required to apologize to Jeff Long for pursuing the interim job when John L Smith was hired. Tim refused, nothing for which to apologize, offer withdrawn and he resigned from the staff. Just another Jeff Long screw up !!

Wasn’t Shibest at OM with Nutt?

Yup 2008-11 as ST coordinator. Then Memphis and VT with Justin Fuente.

Shibest had an amazing knack for getting open.
Not as good as Fred Biletnikoff but in the general arena. Biletnikoff was as smooth as a hot knife through butter.

Grew up with Tim before he moved to Conway. Used to run around together as kids, playing football and basketball in his yard. He and his family are fantastic and would love to have him back as RB coach!

I think some fans dislike anyone that was ever so much as in the same room with Houston. It’s really nuts. I look forward to your book someday Dud.

Are you serious??? That’s crazy if true.

Bielema intended to offer him, but slow played Tim, to which Tim didn’t take very well. He kept thinking “make the dang offer”.

Then Gus called one afternoon and offered Tim a job, but told him he had to give him an answer that afternoon. Tim gave him an answer on the phone.

Bielema got wind that Gus was going to offer Tim a job. He called Tim and offered him a job, and apologized for taking so long to get around to it. Tim told him thanks but no thanks. He had already committed to Gus.


Vanderbilt is not a staff you wish to poach, yes Tim was great as a historical Razorback. Better qualified and better matches out there in my opinion. I get the family greatness in Razorback lore, but I would prefer some new blood.

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Yep, time for some new blood, and recruiters that can go anywhere and get guys, he hasn’t set the world on fire at Vandy, and we need someone who can.

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Has anybody ever set the world at Vandy?

I would think he would be judged on his coaching and recruiting at Arkansas and Auburn.

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I would think you or I could recruit to Auburn, lol.



Didn’t HDN take Shibest to oxford with him?

I won’t forget Shibest’s antics at the Cotton Bowl or the following year when Ole Piss came back to Fayetteville. He might have been a great player but you don’t disrespect my Hogs. To Coach Horton’s credit, he’s been other places but he’s always been respectful. I hope he’s able to get back here in some capacity in the future.


I seem to remember Shibest doing something out of line when OM beat us in Fayetteville. What did he do?

Personally I think we can do better than James.

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There was some taunting toward the fans going on. And I get it, there were some hard feelings all the way around. The difference is some are the professionals and some are the fans so I expect the professionals to act as such, especially one that wore the helmet.


Ricky Rahne and James Franklin did set the conference on fire at Vandy. Coach Mason is not his mentor and Vandy will always be tough, but is it tougher than where AR is now? If not, then why poach the staff? I don’t see Tim Horton as a help to Coach Pittman and Tim’s trend line is not positive. Better help can be gotten for what we are now and what we need.

Tim has been at Vandy around 9-10 months. He’s not had much of a chance to do much of anything. He’s a really good coach and recruiter. Gus squeezed him to help his minority ratio. Does that really happen? Yes.

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Bring him home. The Horton family has been important to our state

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I’m excited for Pittman that he has a clean slate… hire who you want Sam and if that includes Horton great and if not so be it!