Really hoping we get Horton back now

Kinda strange how this has all turned out in 3 days. Really thought we were set with Traylor and BLJ joining Pittman’s staff. I was hoping to keep the East TX recruiting at a fever pitch. Now that Morris has joined Gus we can almost kiss away any chance of getting any of those East TX guys that decommitted. I know we didn’t have much of a shot anyway but I thought Traylor could get a few back in the fold had he stayed. Nothing is ever easy with the Football team. Hopefully, CSP can replace both with a proven coach and recruiter. CSP is going to get challenged early and I think he will respond.

I would love to get Tim back in Fayetteville. He’s coached some pretty fair running backs in his time. For some reason I have never understood, his name seems to have a negative connotation with some Hog fans.

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Yes, that makes no sense. Man is a the salt of the earth and a pretty good coach as well.


I hope so too. We need Tim Horton. Talk about someone that can build relationships and lead young men, its Tim Horton.

Only negative connotation is when he’s held up as a Razorback HC candidate which to me seemed wholly implausible, but less so after the hiring of CSP.

I don’t imagine Auburn would even want to offer most of the guys Morris had comitted here. They are currently ranked 8th and have 21 commitments. They may cherry pick one or two of the higher ranked ones if it’s a need position.

There were some really good ones that de-committed, especially offensively.

Tim would be a great addition but I’m not sure Pittman and Horton have ever crossed paths in coaching. Do any of you guys know?

Don’t count out the East Tx. players. Auburn already has one of the top recruiting classes with 21 commits and 11 four stars. They will first focus on players in the southeast first. CMM may go after a few of them but several will still be available and Auburn is a long way to travel for family to come and see them play

Tim left when we hired Bielema, Pittman came in at that time.

Swine, My take was that Long purged Tim trying to clean house of all things associated with Frank and the past. Did you get the same take?

I believe that I am accurate and a member of his family who is on here can correct me if I am wrong.

But it my understanding that he was offered a job here by CBB, but not recruited as much or offered as much by him as he was by Coach Malzahn at Auburn.

interesting…i had never heard that before.


I remember the offer. It was lowball and half hearted. Probably made out of respect for the family and despite Jeff Long… Tim was no fool. If your not wanted, you leave. One of the many terrible mistakes this program has made.

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I agree. I think he and his sister Holly are two of the best people ever and we’ve been friends since before he was a coach.

Nope. I think that narrative has been pushed by people who dislike Jeff Long. I think his dad (who was a teammate of my dad) got pushed out at the Foundation, but I think BB decided who he wanted on his staff. And I would not be surprised if Dudley is correct, that BB gave him an offer but Gus topped it. Did BB lowball him? Only BB and Tim know that answer for sure.

That is a ship that I wish could be righted; no, it is a ship that needs to be righted. You can’t get more Razorback than that family. We are at our best when we are family.

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I think it would be good to have Tim Horton back at Arkansas as Running backs coach.
With JBL gone now to UTSA I wondered if CSP has any relationship with James Shibest?
IMO, Shibest would be a great replacement for JBL as TE/SPLTM coach which he currently is at Virginia Tech. Might be worth reaching out to him and gauge his interest.

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My current knowledge of Shibest is lacking sorry to say. I have mixed emotions as I remember him as a coach here. Those were not good days. He was a dream of a player though. I have kept up with Tim Horton, however. As Dudley said; he is the salt of the earth. This state, this fanbase, needs him back.

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I was fairly close to Shibest when he was here and Nutt never treated him fairly as he was not part of the Murray State mafia. Loves this University.