Really good win in a really ugly game

Vanover’s best Sec game tonight. Saw some real fight in him.

Smith with a double, double (10 and 10) including 2 or 3 fierce rebounds. Definitely his best SEC game since his injury. He’s getting closer to 100%.

Glad we have 4 days now for our wounded to do some healing. I’m looking for a nice finish to the season and a decent seed in the Big dance.

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We have 5 very difficult games left out of our next 7.

I think we can handle A&M a couple of times but those other 5 will be tough duty. We will have to play exceptionally well to have a strong finish.

We are certainly capable.

I think the dunks got Connor’s confidence going. If he’s confident the 3 will fall too. If we could get this kind of game out of him every night, we will be tough to beat.

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Our remaining road games look a lot more gettable than our remaining home games. I agree we should be able to win both A&M games. And decent chance of road wins at Kentucky and South Carolina. At Missouri I don’t know. Can we pick off at least one of Fla/Ala/LSU at home? Finishing 5-3 in remaining games would be great!

Yeah I forgot about Carolina, but it’s winnable for sure.

KY, MO, FL, Bama, LSU, will be a tall order. I think we are capable of winning those, and also could drop all 5. If they win 3 of those it would be a big accomplishment.

I’m sure it’s an odd thing for a 7’ 3 body to adjust to, but when Conner throws with an arch he usually makes the 3. When he misses it’s almost like he throws a dart. Still, great game tonight.I agree with eagle as I was thinking the same thing about the dunks getting him fired-up.

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This team is so unpredictable it’s really difficult to know how they will play through that tough 6 game stretch that includes KY, MO, Bama, FL, and LSU. If they completely “spit the bit” and lose those 3 games in a row with KY, MO, (on the road) and FL at home, it could kill their confidence for the season. They also better not overlook A&M at home this Saturday like I"m doing or the season could end in a disaster.

OR, this last 4 game SEC winning streak could be legit and they may go on a really nice run. If they can put 30 minutes of play in several games like they played the last 20 minutes of the Auburn game, they can beat any team left on the schedule.

We could go anywhere from 2-6 to 6-2 in these last 8 games. I think we go 5-3, but I’ll take 4-4 and be reasonably happy, because 10-8 and a win or 2 in the SEC tourney would get us comfortably in the Dance. Go 6-2 and I’ll be dancin’ in the street.

Certainly encouraging for the future. Needs to gain weight/muscle during the offseason.

I thought Connor would struggle w/ MSU’s bigs.

He really impressed me last nite.

There are no bad SEC wins. They did not score 90, but they played good defense and they beat MSU by double digit s. That is not ugly

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Connor was in his element last night. MSU had no offensive threats in the post. They had some tall stick guys like him that he can work over with higher skill. He did not have to worry about the pick and roll much because those post guys were not a threat in the roll. They couldn’t dribble or shoot.

The Hogs looked bad a couple weeks back because of Smith’s injury. He seemed to move better yesterday. His health and improvement seen from Devo has been huge lately.

The pick and roll with Connor was a thing of beauty. And Arkansas kept going back to that same play over and over again like a good team should, because MSU was simply incapable of defending it.

I finally had time to watch the game last night (man, I love YouTubeTV, watching on a phone is soooooo much better than not watching)

wow, what an ugly game. and that fall Desi took, yikes. But it’s always nice to see your team be able to grind through an ugly, low-scoring game, and lean on their defense and rebounding. Speaks well of our team’s character. maybe these guys are growing up some. we’ll see on the road swing.

btw-when did we last have this many injuries??? Bam is out for the year, Smith is bravely fighting back after ankle surgery, Jayin is fighting back after a knee bruise, Tate had a tooth knocked loose, Desi fell on his face then fell on his arm, KK is out for the year, Moses is limping around with a bad ankle. what the heck!?!?


I was talking about MSU’s lack of ability to run pick and roll. Part of it, Arkansas doubled the ball handlers who could run it and that eliminated any action from their best players. And, the rest of the MSU team – all but two players – could not dribble without either losing the ball out of bounds or walking.

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