Really good stretch 4 enters portal

IMO everyone else gets put on hold and this is the one you set your aim for. 17 and 9 in SEC play last year.

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I agree!!

Homerun for sure. Been there done that, in the SEC.

Wow, Disu would be a major get. Hope the coaching staff is talking with him already.

But he’s from Austin, TX, so the pull to go and play for Beard will be strong.

Folks in the know (Dudley, Richard, etc), does Arkansas have a realistic chance with Disu, any at all?

I would love to see him in a Razorback uniform next season.

Muss has a lot of intriguing options in the portal right now at forward…Miller, Mitchell, and now, Disu. I bet he brings this class home and knocks our socks off. Go Hogs!

Here we go. Disu has been contacted.

As I recall Disu missed our game with them at Nashville. Helps explain why we blew their doors off. Although holding Pippen Jr. to 15 also helped.

really smart dude even for Vandy, his role (roll) play with Pippen Jr was really strong and beneficial to both. Has a nose for the ball both O and D rebounding. I don;t have much inside info anymore since a couple of grad trainers I knew have left, but a friend who does says he is not a malingerer and recovers well although he pushes his body. Always played max effort when I watche which was quite a bit being here in Nashville. UofA would have to appeal to his brain as well as his athletic ability to get him.

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Agree 1000%!!!


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Disu is a longshot.

How much time/resources should staff put in on this kid?

All I will say, is make him tell us no, and then move on. Muss is gonna finish this class strong regardless! So many tasty options.

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I’m guessing we’ll add one more player, maybe two if JD or someone else moves on, but at this point I have no idea who. A big and a wing? :man_shrugging:

I agree with you jeg! And Disu has already stated that he is only considering schools in Texas so we’re out. Muss will come up with the perfect fit for the Razorbacks. Because we’re all so interested in the Razorbacks we tend to get impatient waiting for Muss’ next move. Even if we don’t add anyone else I like our roster and I am really looking forward to see how Kamani Johnson fits in with his physical play inside. I tend to agree with one of the other posters who said we probably have the best chance of getting Bryson Williams from UTEP. He also seems to fit well in the positionless players that Muss likes.

He’s 1000% headed back home to the Lone Star State, not sure which school.

I do remember reading a post here that talked about how Muss felt he had to pull Kimani back so he doesn’t hurt someone. Strangely, two years of watching Kimani at UALR, I can’t remember leaving the game thinking he was a physical player. This must be a new development in Kimani since he arrived in Fayetteville.

Fits with Coach Muss. He is the living embodiment of the old adage: ‘It’s the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight.’ He loves competitors.
Mr. Robert Moore demonstrated that to the South Carolina crowd, he let his play do the answering.

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