Really good high school baseball team

Undefeated, Florida state champs, was named the best high school team in the country in 2021 and 2022 and probably will be again. Only allowed 33 runs all season; they hit more homers than that. Current 51-game winning streak. Load of D-1 signees and commits and some of those may not make it to college because the pros grab them first.

But there’s another twist. They represent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. Yes, the place where 17 people were shot to death in February 2018. The building where the shootings took place will be torn down soon, but nobody has forgotten that Valentine’s Day.

Arkansas committed a player from that high school a few years ago. He did not pan out here, but he told Scottie his story.

Yep, I remember that story and that Heinrich was here for a while. He wound up at Erskine College, which I believe is D-2.

I would bulldoze the entire school, build a nice, new one somewhere else, and change the name. Can’t imagine how difficult it must be for everyone to deal with the horrific history there.

While the gun control debate continues, can’t we all agree that all “soft” potential targets should be “hardened?” There are too many crazy people with access to weapons these days.

Douglas High had an armed guard – a county sheriff’s deputy – who basically choked, froze, whatever you call it. Didn’t do his job. He’s going on trial later this year for child neglect for not taking any action (why did that take five years?). That’s as “hardened” as you’re going to get, and it didn’t help. At all.

It might not have helped there or in another instance where cowards failed to protect kids. But how many times has a psycho shooter taken a pass, because the target was too hard? That is something we will never know, but I strongly suspect it happens.

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Incorrect, the majority of police officers have never pulled their weapon, or been shot at. You do not know how someone will react in that situation. Even me (who is hardened) has seen guys wilt under those circumstances. If I was there would there have been a different outcome, most likely, but if it was just a “regular cop” off the street. Very likely same outcome, maybe a different one? Who knows.

Can’t call someone “hardened” just because they’ve “been trained” (most likely improperly), or because they have a weapon.

And no I do not agree with the “ban AR-15” approach, I know what the weapon was really created for (hunting varmints in western states like Wyoming, Utah, and Western Colorado where we killed off the varmints natural predators). I also don’t believe anyone on this board, that does not live in those areas should have that weapon for “hunting.”

And yes I do think we need a reform on gun laws. It is too easy to buy weapons and high capacity magazines (which I think should be banned unless your military or police, but if you live in the above mentioned states I could see an argument against banning the high capacity mags).

Sorry, I know I’m political here, but having a liberal or conservative agenda will not fix this issue, both parties are pandering instead of trying an honest compromise that could help.


Best response I’ve ever read on this. Well done

Unless you’re going to put active duty military in the halls of our schools, that IS as hardened as you’re going to get.

I hate to do this, but y’all have veered into politics again. So …

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