Really good, fair analysis of the upcoming Texas game, IMO

In particular the second guy does a good job of articulating the way I fear the game will go…but both guys make really valid points.

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Thought that was very fair. Uphill battle, but we have a fighting chance. Likely need to win the turnover battle by 1 or 2 but if so, probably will go down to the wire.

Agree. Fair assessment with several very good points.

One area I don’t recall them touching on was special teams play. To have any chance of pulling an upset on Saturday we must have fundamentally sound, error free special teams play – no turnovers (fumbles or blocked punts), minimal or no penelties, well executed punt and kickoff return coverage, and make a high percentage of field goal attempts.

These analyists did talk about the importance of the Hogs being able to sustain drives and flip the field (special teams execution) on drives not resulting in scoring opportunities. We also cannot give Texas short field opportunities through turnovers on offense. More specific to the point made by johndhogefeller above. We cannot afford to have them and need at least a couple of critical turnovers from the Horns.

Definitely a very tall order. I’m hopeful we can win the turnover battle (come on Cat!). Clearly not optimistic about our special teams play.

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I didn’t listen to it but we don’t stop the run and run the ball…game over.

They make some good points, but kind of lose a little bit when they can’t even accurately call it the SWC (Big 8). They seemed all over the place to me. We’ll have to be able to stop the run (duh, I know) and can we do that and drop enough into coverage? I do think we’ll confuse the looks up front on D and that will keep the freshman qb guessing. My key to win is who plays tough. Do we see our guys continue to grind it out? Has Sark changed the DNA of Texas enough that they aren’t soft? What happens to them if we jump out to a 2 TD lead? And our “unspecial” teams can’t give anything up this game. So tired of the issues on this part of the team.

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