Really Good Day for Hogs in General

Baseball team won again to go at least 3-4 against a good program and if they win tomorrow (would not bet against them), they could be ranked #1.

The men won the SEC indoor track today . That is as it suppose to be.

The basketball team won again today to pretty well sow up #2 in the SEC and should be in the top 20 with a chance at a very nice seed in the NCAA.

I have not seen anything about how any of the ladies teams did.

All in all, not a bad day. HY should feel pretty good tonight.


Softball is in a weather delay with SEMO leading 3-2 (yes the men and women playing the same school). Expected to resume play at 6:40 p.m.

Mary Haff pitched a no-hitter yesterday against Texas Tech, by the way. Only baserunner was on an error.

Track meet for the women isn’t over yet but the women are up 70-49 over Georgia.

Soccer plays Saint Louis tomorrow. Women’s tennis plays at Misery tomorrow. Men’s tennis hosts Memphis tomorrow.

I agree, you could not do much better than the Hogs have lately.

Softball won 6-3. Braxton Burnside and Danielle Gibson hit homers for Arkansas. Burnside had a two-run shot in our three-run sixth; it’s her sixth homer of the season already.

Aloha Jim,

Reflecting upon the UA’s most successful teams this year, they appear to have at least two common traits…outstanding coaching and great depth. Most especially The Men’s and Women’s T&F teams and the baseball and basketball teams. I can’t remember the last time the Baseball team had such great depth in all areas. The Men’s basketball team is not there yet but has better depth than recent memory. Overall, the entire UA Athletic Department has great depth. It has a good chance to finish the school year with it’s best overall record.


This is a deep Arkansas baseball team. Last year was deep, too. We just did not get to see enough to know. But they were deep in pitching last year. Pitching appears slightly deeper this year, though.

Womens gymnastics scored 197 for the second time this year.

Yep but that was Friday.

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