Really Enjoying the new site

It has picked up, right where it left off!

Thanks. There has been a lot of work put into this by a lot of folks. It’s a powerful team, a powerful machine. We will have an advertising campaign soon – radio, TV and newspaper – to build it out even more! I’m excited. I’ve dreamed of a machine like this. And, it’s happening before my eyes. Thanks to All.

We reap what we sow. Enjoy the rewards.
WIN-WIN is always a good outcome.

Same here. I’m really liking this site and love the added resources we are getting. Also, I want to publicly thank Matt J. for his help in guiding me through some of the uh, “challenges” that I experienced converting from the old site to the new site.

Clay, you have a tremendous team!

A big [color=#990000]WELL-DONE[/color] :!: to everyone for the hover feature. It works everywhere, including in the Unread Posts listing. That should help ease the hurt caused by no thread view.

Thanks so much for getting the hover feature added. I love it.

However, would it be possible to remove the “unread posts” pop up when we hover? Thanks so much.

Just move your cursor slightly and any popup will disappear. (There are several: Thread locked, no unread posts, etc.)

That doesn’t seem to work for me. When I move the cursor to the left or right the pop does not disappear. If I move my cursor up and down then the hover text disappears.

Oh well I guess it isn’t that big of a deal.

I have the same issue. The popup does not go away.

Also, does this mean that we can’t get thread view? I have found that I use this site much less now that I have to go through ever post to find the posters that I want to read. I may not renew. Its hard to justify the expense if I’m using the site much less. I’ve been a member since 2001.

I am really enjoying this new site. Scout’s site constantly made my tablet crash at work because of all the video content that was constantly running. Here I get some pictures for articles and the different forums. I also enjoy reading the articles that were previously locked out from Whole Hog Sports. I live in TX, and don’t want to subscribe to a AR paper to see a few articles. Thanks to everyone involved, and I will gladly renew when my time arrives in Sept. Scott

Great source of info without all of the negative stuff (yet)…really appreciate everyone involved

Love the new site. Thanks to all!