Really don’t care who OC is, but after bowl today

RL stock sure took a nosedive! SMU looked awful I know FAU is good and they were playing on their home field but they made SMU look like Arkansas!

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Got that right. That was ugly. Of all the candidates being talked about there is only one still coaching and one in an advisory role. Pittman might just be taking his time to make a decision but it seems more likely that he Is waiting on someone.

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Not to start a Kiffen thread but he built a good team and program there. That was a good staff to perform as well as they did with all the changes over the past three weeks. Defensive coordinator is rumored to have several opportunities including one in SEC. Charlie Weis Jr did good job adjusting after the first couple series. SMU did not look very good to me yesterday.

Tuff loss for Butch Davis but good win for B. Anderson—toughest year for him for sure. I think Mizzou might have gotten the wrong coach but we will see. Glad they made a change to give UA chance to hire the coaches from there we have.