Really bad day for Big 12

Virginia 6-0 over Oklahoma
Nebraska 19 - 9 over Baylor
Grand canyon smoked Oklahoma State 10 -3
Texas did win7-4 over Rice.

Some other notable scores Michigan 4-3 over Vandy who did not throw Rocker for some reason.
Louisville beat Ole Miss 7-2 Ole Miss lost a lot of their lineup and have several new pitchers they did not look good but Louisville has incredible pitching so maybe hard to tell.
Very surprised by the Big 12 scores though to be honest.

I’m not surprised by any of the scores.
I watched most of the Vandy game and they sure don’t look like the #1 team!
Vandy lost 70% of their offensive production from last year. Anyway that’s what the announcers said!
The little dozen can’t count so they may have just left their calculators at home and couldn’t count high enough to know how many more runs they needed to win.
Ole Miss! Well who really cares if they ever win another game! I don’t.

No I’m not surprised by the Vandy score because I know they lost pretty much all they’re good hitters but they have two or three really really good pitchers back they didn’t throw their ace last night so that was surprising, . The fact that Grand canyon stomped Oklahoma state was surprising, Virginia has good baseball from time to time but I have heard Oklahoma supposed to be good and their ace got beat last night he supposed to be all the world according to the reports.

Virginia has a way better program than being good from time to time. While I haven’t kept up with them specifically this year, I’d say in a given year Virginia is a top 20 team.

They haven’t then that great in a couple yrs.32-24,29-25 records and are not ranked now

One game of NCAA baseball does not a full season make for any of the teams that played yesterday.
I caution all Hog fans to understand that it’s it’s a long season and very difficult to get to Omaha in the end. Of course, we all want that to happen, but baseball is a funny game and over a long season a team has to have so many things go in their favor.

Go Hogs!

I was just surprised by the domination of those games when everybody usually throws their ace the first night I, know Oklahoma did

Rocker was in the the dugout he might pitch today for Vandy and I think that was Hickman that took the bump for Vandy yesterday! Michigan made a few baserunnjng mistakes early and wasted scoring chances.
The Vandy offense was flat.

I was surprised the sophomore lefty from Ole Miss lost yesterday.

Ole Miss lost pretty much all of their offense and they were facing detmers from Louisville which is probably one of the top two or three pitchers in the country and he was absolutely blowing them away struck out 7 in a row at one time.Ole Miss only has two starters back on offense they have a couple of good juco hitters they’ve added but they could not touch Louisville pitching

It sounds like the red necks will need to find somebody some offense. I like seeing them struggle.
Their young lefty had a rough day for them.

They have two good starting pitchers but they lost the rest of their bullpen and seven starters on offense I can’t see them being a factor but you don’t ever know.the left-hander was fine until about the fourth or fifth inning and it kind of unraveled on him then

Worth noting the game was played in Arizona and Michigan isn’t an Eastern Illiniois.

Yes the Michigan Ace is very very good capable of making a lot of offenses look flat but Vandy lost about six very good hitters off of that line up so there’s no way they’re going to be able to hit the ball the way they did last year, their pitching will be off the chain but offensively they will not be as good.

Grand Canyon may be pretty good. Hogs will play them later.

Yes grand canyon’s got a pretty good baseball program for sure

I lived in west Phoenix…back in the day…and attended a couple courses there. Lots of sun this time of year…and in January.

TCU beat Kentucky 5-1 on Friday and 7-1 yesterday…going for the sweep today.

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