As mentioned on the recruiting board, Will Wade just got a 5 star commit and Smart is returning to LSU. It’s as I thought would happen. LSU either forced thier former AD to resign or he quit in frustration and LSU kept thier lying, cheating coach. The NCAA cares nothing about it. And cares nothing about MSU, Big Blue, Auburn, and a plethora of other big time programs paying players. It’s time to stop virtue signaling to ourselves and patting each other on the back for not playing players. For years we have listened to excuses such as our states population, regional location, lack of facilities, or big name coaches as excuses for our lack of bringing in the top recruits. It was just the money. We wouldn’t pay, or meet thier price. It’s time to start leveling the playing field with the rest of the teams in the SEC and open the check book. I realize that this will offend many on this board. I don’t like the idea of paying players either. But I’m sick of reading how this player or that player got away and signed to another SEC rival, with our pundits pretending that they just don’t understand how or why it happened. It’s time to stop playing games and playing stupid about why we can’t attract top talent to our athletic programs. As I said, I don’t like the idea of paying players. But I’m also tired of the losing in 2 of the 3 top revenue sports also, and everyone pretending not to know why. It’s time to start paying.

Reality is that the NCAA investigations are just now starting up, because they could not interview witnesses that were part of the FBI investigation and criminal trials. So, I think it is a little early to put forth a guess as to what the NCAA will do. And it is definitely too early and not a good idea to openly state an intent to join the ranks of the cheaters.

I understand and agree with most of your frustrations. Although, I direct mine more towards the Universities that have allowed their Athletic Departments and big money donors to lead them down the road to corruption. Institutes of Higher Learning will lose credibility and will not be able to hold up the standards of academic virtue (students cheating on exams and other things), if they have it known that they themselves are cheating in other areas, like basketball recruiting. (BTW, I have almost quit following GT basketball since they hired Pastner, even though I am also an alum there and spent a lot of years as a fan. GT class of 1989 & UA class of 1991)

We need to remember that the NCAA is made up of the member institutions. So, in some ways they are policing themselves. Which is why this is such a fiasco. And it will never get any better as long as one member believes another is cheating without consequences.

I think the NCAA should hire outside auditors/investigators to do their dirty work for them, but even then, allegations of bias would probably creep in whenever anyone gets punished.

Great post RamblinRazorWreck.

I would like to see what Mussleman can do before recommending that approach. Maybe he can do what Anderson couldn’t or didn’t try to. By that I mean signing out of state 5 stars without having a prior relationship.

Appreciate the responses guys. I understand the reasoning in not paying players. But I just don’t believe the NCAA really cares about cheating. Just look at Wade. And not only Wade. Remember when UNC was caught fixing grades and creating degrees for it’s athletes? Did the NCAA lower the boom on them? No. The football team took the fall and only got a slap on the wrist. And not even the best coach and recruiters to match can match the power of dead presidents. Time to play the same game EVERYONE else is playing. Tired of seeing 4’s and 5’s in the State leaving for “Business Reasons”, or a big bank account? Then we need to start paying. And does anyone really fear the wrath of the NCAA? Yeah. Me neither.

“But, dad, everyone else is doing it!”


Just makes it sweeter when we kicks their arses :sunglasses:

Amen. Why stoop to their level?

Again. Nothing but virtue signaling. If you don’t want the University to play players, then stop whining and complaining when our teams are not winning. Just fire the head coach of whatever sport every 4 or 5 years won’t solve the problem. Going into a competition blindfolded and one arm tied behind your back doesn’t make you brave. It just shows your stupid.

I don’t think any 4 star in basketball has left the state for business reasons. Has any in football?

You hair splitting here. You are aware that of the four 5 star basketball players we have had in the state over the last 10 years, four have left. Three to Kentucky. Everyone is well aware of Calipari’s reputation. One of the reason’s I started this post was not only to promote the paying of players. A position being discussed at the NCAA, but to finally end this false notion that nobody in this State understands why we can’t attract top level talent, but schools like MSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Kentucky can. The fans and our local sports media have chosen to either ignore, look away, or pretend to be ignorant about why we can’t get the top level talent to even look at our program. We have been told by various sports outlets in the State, including this one, that our population, geographic location, facilities, lack of night life are the reasons we can’t attract top talent. The pundits that work for and run these various outlets have known for years that other programs are paying players. They have chosen not to discuss this for mostly selfish reasons. Relationships with coaches and other members of the sports media are just a couple of reasons. Sorry for the ranting. But can we know please stop pretending that are recruiting troubles are not about money. And that all the other excuses are just a bunch of garbage.

Maybe the question should be: “Why rise to their level”?

Watch Duke. They got caught.

Now working overtime to lower the bar so they are not singled out.

They are pushing hard to lower the bar for all.

The cheating is going to get worse. Duke is not the only one of course.

But their motivation to lower the bar and credibility to attempt is what will ensure cheating in college ball.

Watch Duke. They should be embarrassed by high minded purported virtue to the contrary. But they are leading the charge for their own self interest and that means lowering the bar for all to protect themselves.

All said, the day Arkansas does it, is the day you know all things change somehow and we get hammered.

Hasn’t there been some mid majors who have recently got thrashed by the NCAA for doing what UNC did?

Reason I say this, is because I agree, if we try it, we get hammered. There is already speculation on some of the other SEC team sites that our “good football” recruiting under Morris isn’t because he’s a “good recruiter.”

If Muss starts landing all these 4-5* you guys are excited he’s offering, someone is going to take a very close look at our program.

Okay, I get it. You didn’t mean to include 4 stars. Understood.

As far as three 5 star players going to Kentucky, I know of Goodwin and Monk. Who is the third one? i think we have had only three 5 stars in the last 10 years. Portis was the other one.

Sorry. Thinking about Allen. My mistake. But my point remains. And so what if we get caught? The NCAA comes in. Investigates. Either they don’t find enough evidence or we get 2 years probation and lose 2 scholarships. Big deal. The University can always fight back in court and in the realm of public opinion. Point out all the breaks they gave the Big Time programs while hammering smaller ones. Ask questions why. Do they have a two tier justice system? Which they do. Is it all about money? which it is. You guys are way too scared of the NCAA.

This is where you are incorrect. We would get hammered. This isn’t me being a “goodie two shoes” and not wanting to even the playing field, it’s the fact AR is considered the little step brother in the SEC. We would get hammered. It would send an example that all HM’s are supposed to play by the rules.

Look at all the P5 conferences. Take a guess which ones are cheating. You’ll easily spot the names. Then look at the ones, that you don’t think are, also easily recognized, and you’ll see that second group has been hit with sanctions, while the others skated.

Someone used the “speeding” analogy. I think it’s perfect for this situation. Everyone gets away with 75 in a 70 (some will get warnings). Some get away with 80 in a 70 (others get tickets) and some (KY, Duke, etc) get away with doing 100 in a 70 (others will lose their license). The Duke/KY’s know when shift change is, they know which police officers (NCAA investigators) are in what area at what time. They know when to speed, and they know when to slow down. We don’t know those times, or which investigators will allow the excess speeding. We would be the example that gets hammered.

Yep just like Mizzu did for virtually doing the same thing as UNC, but with vastly different consequences. Brigham Young caught doing the same as half dozen others but made an example of. Even some mid major school got hammered.

Only way AR wouldn’t get hammered in this day and age, is if JFB was still in charge and could sway the masses (to some degree only) with his power. Don’t have that luxury any more.

No, I’m not insinuating we cheated when Frank was AD either.

Wasn’t there some paying for summer jobs for football players when Frank was the AD?