I surely anticipate Hunter Yurachek is evaluating the progress of men’s bkb Hogs. I also strongly anticipate, no decision has been made at this time. IMO, any rumor to the contrary is fictitious. There are several things you must ask yourself is you are the AD in order to determine if our men’s bkb program can be fixed. It is obviously broken and we deserve better.
Things like:

  1. Why are we so young with a coach that has been here several years? Young is not an excuse unless you are in the first year or two of your contract.
  2. Do we have the talent?
  3. Do we run a system to put the players in a position to have success? On both on the offensive and defensive end of the floor.
  4. Is Head Coach confident enough in his abilities to allow his assistant coaches to actually coach? Both in practice and in the game. 4B) Does the HC have assistant coach(es) he can rely on to tell him the truth and not just agree with what is obviously not working?
  5. Does the talent we have improve and develop under the leadership of the coaching staff we have?
  6. Since change is eminent in any business, why does this staff continue to try and play a defensive based system when the rules now dictate that offense is King? Our defensive based system obviously does not work on the road.
  7. And what does this staff do on the the court to get our big man open? Both against a man to man and zone defense?
  8. What adjustments do we make when it is evident on how the opponents are guarding our big man?
  9. Why do we switch our big man on to a a guard when the opponent runs an on ball screen? And why are some fans surprised when our big man is in foul trouble?
  10. We have the shooters but what do we do to create shots for them in out man to man and zone offense?
  11. Basketball is a game of possessions, why do we not emphasize rebounding?
  12. Why can we not stop our opponents runs?

If you answer NO to any/most of the above, the next question must be…can this coaching staff fix it?

I personally feel we have hired a quality AD in Hunter Yurachek. Our AD is faced with a VERY tough decision.
I do question one thing, why was this head coach granted an extension (and raise for himself and his assistants) after last season when we lost to a first year head coach…by 18 or so points? Maybe our AD just wanted to go along early in his Razorback career. If that is the case, it should not be the case this year.

Our AD needs FB and men’s BKB to not only be competitive in the SEC but also reach top level of post season competition.

Your thoughts? and I am hoping Dudley will reply as he seems to lend some objectivity to evaluating the program.

You hit the nail on the head with what is wrong with this program. A seasoned veteran coach who has been here as long as MA should not be rebuilding every other year. So recruiting is an issue, there must be something going on as well with how he handles young talent that causes so many to leave the program. They won’t stay around long enough to be upperclassmen. When he brought in two good junior college guards three years ago, he should have had some freshen and sophomores in the program ready to replace them. So we should have juniors and sophomores and even seniors that could have stepped in to starting roles without a drop off. Instead, he starts all over with a sophomore center and mostly freshmen everywhere else. He will have some pretty good talent the next two years but no big guys other than Chaney. When you look at teams we play and the size and athletic ability of their big players, we are in trouble for the future. Even Bobby Portis was not the big athletic type we see on other SEC teams.

Thanks for the reply. Just wanting to make sure I had not lost my marbles!!

I think this statement is spot on.

Extensions again! Virtually all D-1 basketball coaches who have not been fired at the end of the season get an extension. It is done to protect recruiting for the program. If an AD is not happy with the season, the coaches don’t get raises. If you don’t give him an extension, you lose leverage for firing him for his poor recruiting that next season.

Good point on the extension for HC.

Do you think we will be better next year. I anticipate Gafford will be gone.

With the lack of views and responses, the I do not care any longer attitude has set in for the fans. The fans are paying the bills and the home court advantage is not as good as attendance is already way down.

I think there has to be a major influx of talent next year to be better. I mean players too not bench warmers! Mike’s got his work cut out for him this spring.

I think the lack of views or replies, at least for me, is that this same post has been made dozens of times. Nice format. Good questions.

At the end of the day it’s none of our decision. It’ll be up to HY. Has Mike done enough to get fired? Should he get another year?

Contrary to what most believe. I think this team will get better. Even without Gafford. We won’t replace all of his points and rebounds but hopefully by committee we will and cut down on the turnovers.

I’ve seen this team play better defense with Dan on the bench and also build leads.

Nobody will be able to question our AD if he moves on from Mike, i don’t think anyone should question him if he gives him another year. JMO


I’m a lot closer to the end than i ever have been. But i’m not there.

The year 8 theme is the big focus and i get it. With the APR issues and whatever the hell else was going on that Made Altman run only got worse under Pelphrey. I know we can’t throw the first four years out but good lord he had to rebuild a whole culture.

I could type a bunch of paragraphs but i would rather try to understand than to be understood. Give him next year. Let him coach these young Hogs and see what he can do with them. If he fails at least these kids have another year to mature. Next year is a wash either way whether it’s with Mike or a new coach. I’ve said it before, some don’t want him to turn it around. They fear it.

I agree with you, so do several others

Never again shall i mention the name of the former walk-on with long hair.

What i’d do if i were Mike is get that Grad transfer this year than can help us and sign two more. A big and a shooter or a big and Javon. That’ll give us two schollies for 2020 without anymore attrition.

This team is not devoid of talent like most would have us believe. I think that, in the end will be enough for Hunter to roll with Mike next year. There’s promise on this team and if that’s the case, the next three years could be fun.

Anderson was not given an extension after last season. He was given one at the end of the 2016-17 season when he won 27 games.

Great post, Chris!

Without Daniel Gafford, we don’t have a quality SEC front court. We have one man who could be an SEC forward, Reggie Chaney. If Mike Anderson doesn’t bring in 2-3 quality big guys this spring to rebound and play tough defense under the basket, next year is going to be a lot worse than this year. How could it not be? We have a promising front court with Joe, Mason and Harris, but our bench is just short.

The outlook for this team is certainly a factor in Hunter Yurachek’s decision making process. The outlook is not that bright without a really big spring of recruiting. Do you want to go to war in the SEC with Gabe and Bailey against the likes of Kentucky, Mississippi State, and other quality teams. That is a recipe for disaster.

Hunter Yurachek will be questioned whether he fires Coach Anderson or not…that is just part of the AD job. I don’t expect Coach Anderson will be terminated unless the AD has a guy already ready to come here who will be a huge hire and that is not likely. What I expect to happen is Coach Anderson will be brought back, next year will be a bad year and then Coach Anderson will be let go.

If that’s the case - bad year next year & MA released per your expectations, that’s polar opposite of Nick Masons prediction -everytime MA has needed to make the dance to keep his job, he’s done it.

You could be right & Nick calling you each year after.
Me I don’t know what to expect.

Thanks brother

Yes, that’s true. The UA has been giving Mike 2 yr extensions. He signed an original 7 year contract in 2011, good until 2018. In 2015, he got a 2 yr extension to 2020. In 2017, he got a 2 yr extension to 2022. This has kept him in a situation where he has never been with less than a 4 year contract. I guess we’ll see if Hunter keeps that up after this season. If he doesn’t fire him, he may elect to give him just a one year extension or stay with a 2 year extension. If Mike tanks the rest of this year, I don’t have a problem if he just gives him a one year extension. He also could reduce the buy-out in the new extension. If he doesn’t fire him or extend him at all, I think that will be a mistake and could hurt the basketball program’s 2020 recruiting year. You know the other SEC coaches will be telling 2020 recruits that it looks like Mike probably won’t be around long.