Reality Check

You don’t really know how good you are until you play one that is as good or better. By the end of this game it was quite clear that A&M had a lot more talent and speed on both sides of the ball than we did. Our players played to the best of their ability. But regardless of mistakes by either team, they had the advantage. Their defense made it difficult for us to run and pass. On their offense when we plugged one hole, another one opened like the QB run. We are still a very good team and can succeed in SEC West this year. How about Allen? he was put on his back on almost every pass. He got up and did it again. So did the rest of the team. I am proud of all of them. The reality is that we still have a ways to go to challenge the best of the West.

I am impressed as hell with Austin Allen after this game.

They outplayed us and were the better team but we gave them so much. We could have beaten them. We just played remarkably stupid.

They’re the better team right now, but there is a lot of overreacting going on over the loss.

Well said and correct. Especially the overreacting part.