Reality Check!

I haven’t seen any difference in CBS RPI rankings and the NCAA RPI rankings, I check both sites daily. It’s identical as far as I can tell. ESPN, not so much. There’s significant differences in whatever metric they use to get their RPI rankings. So whatever metric CBS is using, they are about as close to the NCAA’s as possible. And if you’re trying to get a gauge for the actual SOS, I think it would be safe bet to assume they are closer than ESPN.

Yeah, I’m not sure why the ESPN gearheads decided to tweak their RPI formula in a way to make sure it’s different than the NCAA numbers, when the only numbers that count are on the NCAA sheet. But they did. They already have their own BPI, so why screw around with RPI too?

I don’t get it either. I guess ESPN figures they gotta be different.

Funny thing is Lunardi is ESPN, uses their stuff when interviewing and is probably the best. He’s better than Palm, so maybe he has a hand in ESPN’s formula.

Lunardi has Arkansas 13 spots ahead of Palm.

That’s a big difference.