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Sports are, in fact, one of the least important aspects of life.

Thank you for sharing that, Richard.

I’m reading this with tears in my eyes. It hits home. We have friends with an 9 year old son named Elli that has been battling brain cancer for about 20 months. He has been in and out of St. Jude’s numerous times. It’s heartbreaking.

These folks are huge Vol fans. And the Vol nation has responded with love. Eli attended a game in Knoxville this year and was on the field with the team in warm ups and was treated to suite. Plus Peyton Manning has called him twice with encouragement.

Bless those who are suffering.

I know people are passionate about the Razorbacks. I was born and raised in the state and fully understand how important the Hogs are to the people in the state. I also understand people are upset when Arkansas lose or lays an egg, but I don’t understand the world is coming to an end thinking and the posts that go with it.

I guess it’s getting older and seeing the big picture more and more each day.

I have a friend, a nurse I work with, whose son died about a year ago at age 5 from a brain tumor. St. Jude’s treated him aggressively for three months; didn’t help a bit. Hog angle: Since her son died she has a new boyfriend who is a Hog fan and she’s having to learn how to call the Hogs.

I’m a hard cry, but when a kid passes at such an early age it’s hard not to.

I agree, Richard. That’s one of the reasons I don’t call for a coach’s head after a loss. I read on here or somewhere the other day that when a coach was fired, that 27 families were affected. Certainly, coaches have to be held to a standard, but not necessarily the standards that fans set. We all love to win, but sometimes we lose, which is the reality of life. I sometimes wonder how some posters are making it through life by the way they react to disappointment on the field.

I heard Herm Edwards on Mike and Mike talk about this very issue. He said that the worst of getting fired was the effect on all of the assistant coaches and their families. Just think about that in the corporate world. It is as though a VP and all of those reporting to him/her were fired and were required to move themselves and their families.

So true. The HC was paid 5 to 10 X what the Assistants were paid. The HC has also been able to accumulate wealth at 5 to 10 times the rate of the assistants. The HC also usually has a “golden parachute”, unless he does what BP did here.

I also believe CBB recognizes this with his assistants and does everything he can to secure them another job before he “lets them go”. I believe he looks at this as a mistake he made in hiring them, so he needs to make it right before replacing them. Now, if an assistant shows cause for firing, that’s a different situation.

I imagine that some people view this place as a safe haven to vent frustration and anger. Some people drink heavily, some inflict self harm, some hit their spouse or child, others work out, a few call into radio shows and some let loose on a messageboard.

Some coping strategies are better than others.

For the life of me I have never understood all the hand wringing that goes on when someone posts an opposing point of view on a messageboard.

Brought tears to my eyes. My daughter died at 26 from cancer. Great moments with the Utah Jazz bear and Ronnie Brewer. My heart goes out to the parents and a special thanks to Santa. I know what the moment with Ronnie meant to Megan and hope Santa felt the same joy as Ronnie’s smile said to Marie and me.

I’m all for good civil debate. I’m not a safe space type of guy.

Same. A difference of opinion expressed on a messageboard should be least of most’s concerns.

Think difference of opinion is fine. Always feel it should remain civilized.

To stay on topic here.
That was a very emotional event, just reading it was difficult to stay focused from the tears.
That little boy may have been the happiest he’s been in very long time right there at the end.
Santa did his job well there.

Agree. He handled that so well with the kid knowing he was going to die. Probably one of the more emotional stories I’ve come across in a long time.