Reality Bites

I am excited about getting Texas and Oklahoma to come into the SEC. I see us playing Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas A+M every year…like old times when we were good.

Then I look at our record since Coach Petrino left from 2012-2020, 9 years of SEC football. Arkansas’ SEC record is 16 wins and 58 losses. Our winning percentage is 21.6% in those 9 years. One win out of every 5 SEC games, approximately. 3 of those 9 years we didn’t win an SEC game. One year in 9, 2015, was the only year with a winning SEC record of 5-3.

What about Arkansas? Where are we going to go in the coming years? How are we going to win more? Those numbers will make your hair white and stand on end. Those numbers are pretty pathetic…sad and disgusting for this once great college football program. We were great, yes we were. It was a few decades ago, but we were great. What is the plan to get us back to being among the better teams in the SEC, rather than being one of the worst in the SEC. Is it possible? You don’t get there by wishing…you get there by doing. Are we capable of playing top 10 and top 25 football again?

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We have no choise but compete and win our share. We had the wrong coaches for most of the last decade. Sam Pitman has the right mindset, build it inside out with big tough hombres to control LOS. Now that being said, everybody in the SEC is after those types as well. Thank Goodness, our Arkansas OL recruits from Arkansas is staying home. Sam is stacking three good classes of OL on top of each other. Now, we need DL to get on board and we are after some good ones.


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