Realistically, what can the AD do right now

Except say that the rebuild hurts and it takes some time and no one hurts more than the player and coaches etc.

Auburn is a top SEC talent team and hardly anyone we have would start for another SEC team.

Short of some talented freshmen CCM has and some holding overs, we know we don’t have near the talent we should or near the talent for mid level if not upper level SEC program.

Recruiting consistently has mainly been our problem most of last 25 years.

But now you have to recognize coaching as well after loses in winnable games and San Jose State debacle and generally the way the team seems unprepared and plays with so little emotion or fire. Mismanagement of game via clock management etc. Team seems devoid of leadership.

Never did I expect to beat an Auburn with well regarded high level national talent and depth.

But I expected to see much more than an absolute blowout.

The historically poorly executed fake punt that will run for years of laughter at us does not help the environment now facing this AD as he tries to steady a ship.

1-7 in one score games including Portland and the loss to SJSU.

Good coaches don’t lose almost all of the one score games they are in.

The intercepted fake punt goes nicely with the fake fair catch punt return by NTS last year. Two years in a row we make the season laughter highlights for all the wrong reasons… How sad, how very sad.

There"s only one thing the AD can do wrong. That’s keep Morris for a third year of this (I’m not allowed to post this next word).

It doesn’t matter who he hires. It will be an upgrade. I can’t believe I drove up a day early to watch this disaster in person. My only real reason for driving to Fayetteville this weekend was for the BB game and the Nolan floor dedication Sunday.

UMany more games like this one and he won’t make to next year. Alabama is going to be a 45 point favorite next week, would you take the points? LSU will put up over 40 as well, if We get blown out by MSU and MO, he will be history, if we lose to WKU, he gets fired the following day.

AD would only pull the trigger is if he has a proven coach who can upgrade the program over the long term. We don’t need another interim John L Smith who might win 1 or 2 more games or another risky hire. Don’t envy HY’s job or any AD under these circumstances.

So your saying that the AD won’t fire Morris until he has someone verbally agreed to rake the job?

Not necessarily “agreed” but at least one or more candidates who are capable, proven, & interested in the Arkansas job. Otherwise, we risk making another hire out of desperation & settling for status quo. We have done that too many times in football & basketball & believe HY is smarter than that.

And should be HY choice as to who and his only! No more search committee!

This sure don’t help recruiting!

I bet he is getting his list together.

If I were AD, might be good job security to have my feelers out just in case. No one expected a win today nor a close game.

Was it unrealistic to expect any good coach to fix this program by middle of the 2nd season? CCM inherited weak & unmotivated talent, had to force so many players to transfer out, working with a young & undeveloped offensive line, has only 1 good recruiting class, perhaps the wrong DC, & with 2 inconsistent QBs. Frustrated but also trying to be fair in my evaluation of CCM.

Don’t forget the hilarious punt return by North Texas last year!

I don’t think anyone expecting it to be fixed but when it arguably just as bad if not worse than it’s not going to be applauded.

I would tell him to refund everyone’s money😁

No one expected it to be fixed by now - but I guarantee nobody picked them to lose to SJSU nor did many if any pick them to finish 4-8 or worse in year two with the weakest non conference schedule I can remember.

The Morris era is a complete and utter failure to date.

Quite a few national pundits said we would only win our non-con. Agreed, that SJS will haunt Morris till he wins a conference/big game, but a lot of people picked us to go 4-8.

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What was your season prediction ?

Frank Brotles died in August, 2017, since then our football team has been in the tank. I guarantee he would not sit still for this year in and year out embarrassment. He was a highly competetive man and Arkansas football was his business. He would be probably sitting in the head coaches office right now if he was in his prime. Iwish we had someone with his ability and passion up there to steer the program out of this funk.

Mine? I’m not even sure.

Usually, I don’t do that for reasons we’ve already discussed.

Not saying I didn’t, but I usually don’t and if I did, I don’t recall.