Really & truly, what does everyone believe our record will be? Every team in the Conf is a NC right now & every team in the conf is predicting a bowl game…it can’t happen! Regardless, we have shown improvement in our record every year under CBB.

Here’s how I see it (FWIW)

Losses: TCU, AL, FL, Aub, and two of the following aTm, OM, MSU or LSU.

That means a 6-6 record. I don’t see any better than that after losing so much on the OL, Alex, and Brandon…plus recruiting classes that have been in the bottom 1/2 of the SEC. I hope I’m wrong. We return a lot off a less than average performing defense.
All I can say is, 6-6 gets us back to the TX Bowl where we will SPANK a big 12 team…

I’ll go with one more win, thinking we’ll win one of the first four loses you mention, with my hope being an upset of 'bama. I think 7-5 might be realistic, but could also see things going significantly worse (if we sustain any big injuries) or incredibly better if we don’t start slow out of the gate like we have the two previous years.

I like the direction everything is headed & am proud to call the hogs up here in the land of the Buckeyes.

I’m looking for 9 wins. I’ll be disappointed with less. What I’d like is to cost Gus, Les and Mike their jobs.

Who’s Mike?

Personally, I think Arkansas fans should want Malzahn and Miles to stay in place for as long as possible. I don’t think those programs reach their full potential with those coaches in charge.

8 + Bowl = 9

Want Less to stay at LSU. Would hate to see that place with a good coach.

9 + a bowl win. We need to start protecting home field in “even” years, when we get Bama, LSU, and OM at home. I believe we will start that this year. If we win 2 of the 3 listed, I think we get to 9 wins. I believe the 2 games we are least likely to win are TCU and Bama. TCU, because it is our 2nd game and an away game. Bama, well because it is Bama.

This assumes no major injuries to our key players on both sides of the ball. ie: AA, Skipper, Wise, and Ellis.

I was optimistically in the 7 maybe 8 win group. Now with 2 of our DB’s going down before season i wonder if we can get to 6.

Our pass D was atrocious last year. Now we are down 2 and counting on walk-ons for depth. If Dean can come back by aTm, i’ll certainly feel a lot better.

And every team we play, minus LSU, will probably run 4WR sets.

Wish Willey Sikes would’ve stuck around.

I think we could have a better team than last year, and end up with 5 wins.

Low end - 5-7
High end - 8 - 4 (just don’t see that, but hey, there is always hope!)

My prediction? 6-6

Please take all Hog pessimism back to the Scout forum website. This team will be special this year, despite some early injuries. The Hogs will beat Bama this year, and go 10-3 with a bowl win. Write that down “Still Greg Hog” and all other naysayers!

Sure hope you are right! :smiley:

I think we beat TCU but that is a key game towards starting 5-0. 6-6 is worst IMO. I think we go 8-4 and win a bowl game. Things go well we could win a game or two more. ghg

8-5 with a bowl win…

Preseason injuries are mounting. That’s not nay saying; it’s reality. When position depth becomes an issue, it might be foolish to obstinately cling to previously held rose colored glasses wearing “homer” biased expectations. To make an assessment prediction based in part upon the crucial significance of a number of key factor players - only to be suddenly bereft of their services for the start of the season and for an indeterminate time period - strikes me as being somewhat divorced from reality. Yes, players farther down the depth chart can rise to quickly excel in relatively short order (as did Drew Morgan), - - but don’t you think that it might be a TAD BIT unrealistic to expect such a rapid proficiency advancement at EVERY affected position?

I’m a died-in-the-wool, 100% red blooded Hogs fan., but I would like to think that I am first and foremost a pragmatic realist. I hope and pray for the very best of fortunes for our beloved Hogs for this upcoming season; but I’m deeply concerned about the mounting toll the injury bug is reaping. That is IN NO WAY any sort of repudiation or pessimistic indictment of our cherished program.

My paternal grandfather (now many years deceased) in McCrory, AR had an extremely cantankerous, lazy, uncooperative old mule named “Fred”. My grandfather could have bullheadedly and determinedly embarked upon a spartan training regimen for old Fred, unstintingly and unflaggingly running the mule from sunup to sundown each and every day until old Fred literally dropped in his tracks, for the balance of the mule’s life - and I can flatly GUARANTEE you that Fred STILL would NEVER have won The Kentucky Derby! Such a notably prestigious accomplishment simply was not realistically achievable within the prerequisite physical attainment parameters of the mule.

Reality is sometimes a very inconvenient pragmatic necessity. The Panama Canal was not excavated with a garden tool.

Before all the DB injuries and OL starter questions, I was at break year four ten wins.

I’m afraid we won’t be deep at d backs or O line as we may only have 5-7.

In likely in minority but never saw Walker as a main back and he’s been more healthy than not,

Williams had such a serious neck injury last year it was thought he wouldn’t play again - and has not seen a full live game yet since injury - and who knows.

Walley is awesome but a true freshman.

TJ is out.

Duwop is great kid but not an sec back as much as we all want to believe.

I’ve gone from 10 win to realistically hoping we can break even.

I am afraid we slide back to 6-6.

I’ll go with 7-5. Definitely some question marks. Main two, for me, are if the OL can gel in time and if the secondary is legitimately improved and how much, if so. LB depth could be an issue, too.

Predicting the record is going to be the subject of a staff roundtable story in a few weeks, so it may change by then.

I say 9-3 before the bowl. Don’t know who we are playing so I can’t predict that one.

I’ll go with 8-4 regular season and the 9th win coming in the bowl game.

TCU won’t be able to handle our toughness
Ole Miss won’t be as good
Auburn will be a bad team
We owe A&M…they gotten somewhat lucky the past two years.

SEC West is always a war.

7-5 plus bowl win.
(Copy and paste June 2016 Harry King article here) :sunglasses:

I think the schedule sets up well to have a high win season - a few high percentage games on the road and most of the best teams at home. My prediction is the team beats the cupcakes, breaks even at home in conference, breaks even on the road overall and beats Texas A&M. That’s 8-4.

I’m typically pretty conservative in my predictions. I thought five wins prior to 2014 and seven last year, so that should tell you that I’m impressed with the roster.

All bets are off if Austin Allen is ever unable to play.