Realistic options

Assuming what most of us agree will happen in the off season, what are some names to look after as realistic options for DC. While I would love to see Charlie strong or coach O, they may be tough to grab. Just curious as to some thoughts on who else is a possibility in everyone’s mind.

The one thing I’ve learned about BB’s coaching hires is that he surprises people. Nobody thought he’d pluck an existing HC (Enos) to become OC, but he did. So I fully expect a hire that no one saw coming.

I could see promoting Rhoads to DC, given his experience defending the spread in the No-D 12. He didn’t have the talent to do it there either, but he did manage to upset Okie Lite when they were #2 once.

I’d be perfectly OK with Charlie, if he’d take the job, but I don’t think he will unless he just can’t stand a season on the couch. And he’d be gone the first time an HC option presented itself.

While I like Rhoads, one thing we are in absolute need of is a dynamic recruiter, and he isn’t that. That’s what I’m hoping for in a new DC, maybe give a raise to Rhoads and more control over the defense but go grab a recruiter as well. But you’re right you never know who to expect with BB

I think that expecting a coordinator to fix our recruiting is a pipe dream. Coordinators are hired for Xs and Os, not recruiting. Their task is to take the players the other coaches recruit and figure out how to win with them. Orgeron was never a DC, for instance.

While it obviously wouldn’t fix the overall recruiting issue, a good DC and good recruiter is always more attractive to recruits than what we have now. A DC that can interact and develop relationships with recruits and grab a couple each year that we normally wouldn’t would go a long way.

Dave Aranda if not retained at LSU and not a head coach somewhere else.

This. He’s under contract for two more years at LSU but the new guy may not keep him.

But I still expect BB to come up with someone we never considered.

How about going the Ohio St route and naming Rhoads and Orgeron CO DCs. Orgeron with recruiting priorities and Rhoads with most of the Xs & Os “coordination”.

orgeron has a son playing college in Louisiana. I think that if he is not retained he will sit out and watch his son.

I am not convinced that Coach Smith is going anywhere. Talent in 2013 made him look good. that is the way it is in coaching.

I don’t know how Bielema is on former coaches returning to his staffs. Clay Jennings will now be unemployed. Partridge may be on his way out down at Florida Atlantic.

If we are going for a dynamic recruiter, Trooper Taylor is at ASU. Would definitely get you some traction with big names. An interesting idea.

Aranda will be much sought after. He has a 3 year deal at 1.2 million. 2 years left so of LSU lets him go, he has nice money coming.

NOW if Chief would come on the market from A & M, now there is an idea

Not unless you want the NCAA on campus soon afterward.

I know the other day I said what about both Orgeron and Strong, but why would we really want Strong? Since he has been at Texas:

recruiting class rankings:
2014: 16 National, 2 B12
2015: 10 National, 1 B12
2016: 7 National, 1 B12

His record, as of today, is 16-20, and 10-12 in the B12 who doesn’t understand the word defense. So, if he is getting the best talent in that conference, but isn’t producing anything resembling defense (they just lost to Kansas) why would we want him?


2014 #25 (AR #22)
2015 #105 (AR #67)
2016 #98 (AR #87 per ESPN Total Defense as of this morning Nov 21 @ 8:47 am)

Doesn’t make any sense to think he can help

As I understand, his body of work is a bit better than the goat rope down in Texas.

Was 3 years enough to turn that mess around?

With the amount of talent he brought in. It should have been. Your not talking about Petrino and Bielema at Arkansas getting Top 3 stars with a few 4 stars and a five star. Your talking about a “Blue Blood” attracting Top 4 & 5 star talent, and finishing worse than us, who have possibly the statistically worst defense in program history.

I agree with Swine. Coordinators are rarely the recruiting aces on a staff. Now, name recognition is a nice addition if Coach B thinks such a person is the right guy. But, assuming we do go a different direction with the D coordinator, I hope to see someone with a little more deception and perhaps risk-taking. I’m not talking about blitzing every down and playing man all the time. But I do think you have to mix it up as much as these hurry up teams allow you too (my pet peave with the hurry up…that is reduces the chess match between coordinators) to deceive defenses and try to cause negative plays. I don’t think bend-but-don’t break-works as well as it once did, simply because the rule changes enable offenses to operate at such a high level of proficiency now. I admit I used to be fine with bend-but-don’t-break. But now I think you have to do something to cause a negative play, get an offense behind the chains, and THEN maybe stop a drive.

The following is from a Bleacher Report article about Todd Grantham (Louisville):

Todd Grantham’s unceremonious exit from Georgia dented what was a sturdy reputation. He’s steadily reclaiming it at Louisville.

In 2014, the Cardinals boasted the sixth-best defense in yards allowed. Last season, they recorded a No. 18 finish while amassing the ninth-most sacks and nearly 100 tackles for loss. Both years featured a top-25 standing in S&P+ rankings.

“One of the best coaches I’ve ever had on any staff,” Nick Saban said of Grantham, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Saban and Grantham worked together at Michigan State.

He currently has the #7 ranked Total Defense in FBS (per stats). Their average recruiting class ranking from 2012-2015 is 41.5 (Arkansas ranking is 25.75 over that time period).

He is currently on track to earn $1.3 million/year for the next 3 years.

Of course there is Justin Wilcox at Wisconsin for a smaller price tag.

I think the key to a successful defense with Arkansas is the ability to create a scheme that allows for 3 and 4 star athletes to succeed. I don’t know enough about defense to know who that would be, But Doren sounds like the type of DC. Wisky wasn’t a recruiting mecca. Nor is NC State.