REALISTIC observation/prediction

This IS conceivable:

NON Conf games.
vs. FAMU
vs. NMSU
vs. CCU


vs. aTm
@ Bama
vs. Auburn
@ Ole Miss
vs. MSU
vs. Mizzou

this seems just as realistic as predicting an 8 or 9 win season. This would be a 5-7 season. I hope it does not happen, but believe it to be a real possibility. The schedule, IMO, does NOT weigh in our favor… WPS

You absolutely are right. It could be that way. But they could go 6-2 in the conference (more likely 5-3) and win all four non-conference games to be 10-2 or 9-3. Probably somewhere in between is right. We have to think in terms of 9 conference-like games with TCU and the regular eight games.

While I don’t think it will happen, I was thinking today that it could play out just that way.

I think 5-7 is pretty much a “worse case scenario”, but it could happen.

I don’t see us losing 7 games, but I don’t see us winning 9 either. If you made me guess today (and I am not making an official prediction yet, waiting until camp is pretty much over) I would say either 6-6 or 7-5.

By the way one of the big swing games is Ole Miss. If they take some early loses, I could see them going the way of our JLS year. If they win early, they have the talent to be good still.

Quite a few swing games there. SC, TCU, A&M, Ole Miss, MSU and even Auburn. Very few team win or lose all the swing games.

Agree, I don’t guess I’ve ever gone into a season where I had NO IDEA how we were going to do… YES, let’s go with 9-3 as a compromise… in that scenario, are you saying the SEC L’s are AL, AUB, and LSU? Sure is an optimistic prediction that we go 2-2 (SEC) on the ROAD and 3-1 @ home with one of the wins actually being at a neutral site vs a team we have never beaten in the SEC…just sayin…

If there is going to be a breakout year like the most optimistic fans expect and like everybody else hopes for, they will absolutely have to be A&M for a change. Can you imagine the fuss if they went 11-1 and the loss was to A&M? Oh, my. It is hard to know if this Arkansas team is the one that was 7-4 through 11 games or 0-2 in the final games.

Or both.

It could be 4-8 just as easily as 8-4. I am most worried about an injury to Austin, Devwah, Greenlaw, Jared, Sosa, Ramsey or Bijohn. It could unravel quickly with so little proven depth in these areas.

There are about five games this season that I could see going either way, especially TCU, Texas A&M and South Carolina in the first half of the year.

I’m thinking a win vs TCU and a conf win vs Tex A&M will witness to a needed resurgence in Arkansas Football

I’m holding all expectations until those two games are complete

What I absolutely confident of

Arkansas has the Best most understated QB in the SEC

Ark will be a force to contend with if the supporting cast emerges