Realignment - $ driving the additions & perhaps some forced departures

It’s exciting to me. I like change, chaos, whatever you want to call it. It levels the playing field usually for teams like Arkansas. That’s why this is all happening. It’s not just money, but fans, teams, schools, etc. are getting tired of the same show. I am one of them. I love what I’m seeing.


It’s comforting to see Arkansas as part of the future of “big time” college football, whatever that is going to be.

Let’s also remember that had Arkansas not jumped to the SEC in 1992 or had bailed out for the Big 12 as some fans said we should, we would be sweating ala Oklahoma State, Kansas, etc., right now.

It was a prescient, brilliant move by Frank Broyles and the UA leadership to make that switch when they did.


We’re all Charlie Brown, expecting Lucy to pull the football away. It kinda comes with the territory. But I think we’re safe. Three years ago, maybe not,

I don’t think JFB knew the SEC was going to become as dominant as it has become. But he knew the SWC was going down and we needed to get off the boat before it sank and all the lifeboats were full.

everyone is entitled to his own preferences.

I’m the same way Noreaster. I don’t begrudge the athletes for wanting a slice of that pie as someone on this board has suggested. What’s turning me off is that it is now all about money and nothing else. Traditional rivalries obliterated, geographical madness and free agent mercenaries moving from program to program every year. There really isn’t much difference between college and pro sports anymore.

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We’re used to college football being a regional game. But in all reality it quit being a regional game when the BCS came around 24 years ago. Certainly not since the CFP replaced it, with Georgia playing Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. That’s about as non-regional as you can get.

No problem with athletes being given compensation, but it needs to be fair & with the same $ limit at all schools. Otherwise, there is no parity in college athletics & success in sports will go to the wealthiest schools & highest bidders. At least NFL has parity among teams thru salary caps.

Understand that student athletes will pay taxes on the NIL $ paid to them. Also athletes should start paying taxes on the tuition, facilities, & all other benefits that the university provides to them at no cost.

Talking to a tax attorney friend the other day, we were discussing tax liabilities for the NIL benefits recipients. He’s concerned that some of the recipients are going to run afoul of the IRS not because they’re bad kids, but just because they don’t know about filing taxes. He also mentioned to me his opinion that if the players successfully challenge their non-employee status in court (having themselves declared employees of the university and therefore able to unionize and collectively bargain) that everything from tuition to room and board will become taxable income.

The school may not be able to make the payments directly, but they can darn sure educate the kids about the consequences, including paying their taxes. And I’m certain UA is doing that through the Flagship program.

Yeah, if the kids end up as employees, than the whole thing probably becomes taxable. But then UA probably has to do withholding and all of that too.

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The regular season is still a regional game. Rivalries still mean a lot to fans. We’ve had bowl games for years that mixed regions. Certainly the increase in the determination to name a national champion has made those inter-regional bowls more important, the heart & soul of the game is still pretty much limited to regional rivalries. People want to beat the people they’re around all the time.

It’s true a game between OU & UGA in the Rose Bowl is not regional, but neither was Tex vs. Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl or Alabama v. Penn St in the Sugar Bowl.

The recent changes are tending toward removing the regional rivalry. It hasn’t done it yet, especially in the SEC, but that’s the trend.

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The athletes were offered educational sessions on NIL taxes during the multi-week seminar last summer. I was told those sessions were not nearly as attended as the ones about how to market themselves.

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That’s disappointing. But they will have no one to blame but themselves if they end up in a tough spot.

I have a lot of experience with independent contractors. It’s not pretty if you don’t pay up and get caught.

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Oops…hope they make it mandatory in the future.

Many will blame the University for not adequately educating them on paying taxes & take no responsibility themselves. It would be to their benefit if NIL contractors withhold & pay tax on their behalf.

Maybe all those aTm players will be in prison for failure to pay their taxes when we play……

We can only hope that for aTm & perhaps ut along with Jimbo.



Another ranking by Football revenue…

It’s illegal to withhold taxes from independent contractors. You do that and they are employees.