Realignment - $ driving the additions & perhaps some forced departures

Some unnerving discussions & hypotheticals within the Big10 about adding more teams with the lesser performing & less lucrative programs being forced out- specifically adding WA, UT, & OR while trimming Purdue, Rutgers, & Maryland from the conference.

Well understood that NCAA & decisions are now driven by the $ & greed by the conferences & by FOX & ESPN. Only guarantee for survival for BIG10 & SEC teams may be revenue generated by football.

Hopefully Arkansas continues to advance in football, other sports, enrollment, & in academics to remain one of the conference desirables & big revenue producers & not find itself left behind. Fans & donors need to do their part.

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Nice to see Arkansas in the top 20. That’s a solid spot that would insulate us from the relegation type situations.

Hope that fan attendance, support, & the $ follow our top 20 ranking & that we greatly exceed expectations. We will definitely be making the road trips to UofA games this Fall.

It’s now all about the football & the $ that we bring to the table. We otherwise get left behind.

Arkansas is top 20 in revenue, so we are in a solid spot.


More and more it seems like the “University” element or connection seems to be waning …its become “the professional team” that just plays their home games on the U of A campus.


I hate what’s happening, but not a thing to do about it. Just hope the UA stays in the “have” category. Perhaps I’ll be dead & gone before this finally ends up where it seems headed to go. If not dead, there’s a chance I’ll no longer care.

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There aren’t many TVs in our state.

I’m not frantic about the whole situation, but not totally comfortable either.

There are plenty of TVs in No Texas & an abundance of Arkansas alums & a rabid Razorback following here in DFW.

Least of my worries, on realignment, or the future of college football. We’re fine, only those with the “little Arkie syndrome” consume their time fretting on what if’s.


Sorry, we all can’t be as knowledgeable as you.


Number of TV sets in a geographic area is not the driver it once was. The networks know which teams draw eyeballs everywhere, not just in their home state. And the Pac-12 is generally better than the Orphan 8; excluding the four teams that are set to leave those leagues, six P-12 teams drew better TV audiences from 2015 to 2021 than the next best O-8 team, which happens to be Okie Lite.

This article says for the fiscal 2019 - 2020 season which would include the 2019 football season. 2019 was Chad’s last year and we all remember the sparse crowds and few national tv games. It will be interesting to see the 2021 season numbers.

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Here ya go, week by week (however, ESPN+ and SECN are not rated so we don’t have those numbers, but I guarantee you the people in Bristol know those numbers).

We had two games over 4 million: A&M and Bama. The bowl game was just under 4 million. Jawja was 3.8 million. Texass was 3.35 million. Misery was just under 3 million. Auburn game got 2.4 million. Ole Miss got 2.23 million, and I’d guess the fourth quarter was a lot higher than that as people saw the points mounting on other channels’ tickers and tuned over.

I don’t like the idea of any team getting kicked out of a conference. Of course, that’s effectively what’s happening when key teams leave a conference. That’s leading to two super conferences. I hope we end up with at least 3 power conferences. Would like 4. Five is no longer an option, apparently.

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I wonder how they measure viewers for a game. There are so many devices in a household, one might have four games going at the same time. CBS in the den, ESPN in the kitchen, ABC on the back deck and ESPN 2 on in another room. If the Hogs are on CBS, we might have 8 people watching that game and 1 watching ABC on the deck.

No problem.

Once you add TX and OK, the SEC has 10 of the top 20 teams on that list. Interesting that USC and UCLA are only #33 and #56 respectively on that list, while TX and OK are #1 and #6. The B1G, based only on that list, should have chosen Washington and Oregon first.

This came out this morning. Paywall, so I’ll summarize:

Texas and OU were a bigger hit to the conference than USC-UCLA.

The top three TV draws in the P-12 not located in SoCal are Oregon, Stanford and Washington, in that order. Wazzu, Colorado and Utah are also bigger TV draws than Okie Lite or anyone else in the O-8. Part of that is due to Pac-12 After Dark, which the schools out there hate, but it’s the only game on that late and people do watch, Another part is that the O-8 puts a lot more games on FS1, which no one watches, than the P-12 does, and when the O-8 is on an ESPN network, it tends to be the Deuce…

For example, Arizona State played Molester State on PTAD last November. Two bad teams. But they got more viewers than Texass vs. West Virginia earlier that day, which was on ESPN2 at the same time as games involving Ohio State and Clemson.

When ESPN+ raises its subscription rates, based on current subscriber numbers, that will bring another estimated $830 million a year. The SEC will probably get some of that, but so will the P-12, since Fox is more or less out of the picture out there.

I look for positives. Just my nature.

There had been many tries at fan publications in Arkansas. All failed because they lacked funding or were poorly done.

I did not listen to naysayers. Pressed on knowing Arkansas fans wanted it.


And we’re glad you did, Clay!