Real RPI

Not Warren Nolan or Boyd Nation, The actual NCAA RPI.

We went to Tuscaloosa at #26 in RPI, won the game last night over the #53 team… and dropped to #27. I thought road wins were supposed to help you and home losses hurt you :crazy_face:

In Nolan’s real-time RPI, Arkansas moved up two spots from 29th to 27th after the game. So the win helped Arkansas’ RPI, but East Carolina and Coastal Carolina got bigger bumps because of results last night.

How much would it help us if LSU were to sweep Vandy and get their RPI higher?

Seems to me that’s a double edged sword. LSU sweeps Vandy & increases their RPI, but it also reduces Vandy’s. I don’t know how RPI is calculated, but it seems like that’d be a wash.

We beat Vandy once and LSU three times so I thought maybe that would fall in our favor in the RPI voodoo.

We might as well just stop worrying about RPI and hope the hogs beat Bama the next 2 games and win 2 in Hoover. When the dust settles if 20 win in the SEC doesn’t give the hogs a shot at a top 8 seed and the super regional host spot then it’s up to the DVH to adjust his schedule next season.


The thing about RPI that makes it so unpredictable is that something that happened to a team you played 2 mos. ago affects you as much as the team you just beat or lost to. We lose sight of those former opponents as the season goes on, but they continue to affect us,

And the REALLY obscure thing is that their opponents (i.e., the teams our opponents play throughout their season other than us) continue to affect us. On a given night, any number of those may have had good or bad nights, and that cumulative affect may overwhelm the win (or loss) we had that night.

As I know you are aware, Jeff, only 25% of the RPI is out own W/L record. 75% is made up of our opponents’ W’L record, and the record of their opponents.

I know it’s not the case, but RPI seems like a random number generator

Chris Burke made a great point last night: It’s odd that the NCAA selection committee puts so much stock into such a flawed metric.

Yup. It’s an SOS measure. And not a very good one.

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