Real reason Hicks is transferring

Never again does he want to be seen wearing a bronze helmet with a pink pony on the side. My goodness, that helmet belongs in the lingerie league.

They did all those alternate helmets and uniforms under Morris. I suspect we see some of it here too. Dykes got SMU back to just one uniform and helmet. Dykes said something to the effect, “we want to be known as playing tough football, not as having multiple uniforms and helmets.”

And, you know, the pink pony was for breast cancer recognition. I’m OK with doing that for sure, even at the UA. Pick socks, cleats, helmet decals — whatever. Breast cancer is a sinister thing, just like most all other forms of cancer.

Again, what the fans want and want the players want in terms of fashion are usually two very different things.

I’ve never gotten the uproar of the uniforms.

Not to try to over-intellectualize the issue…but I will say this: in a society that is this fast-paced and often chaotic, I think familiar symbols become important for many people. I admit that I have an emotional attachment to the red Razorback helmet. Goes back to being a kid in the 60’s and 70’s with that helmet in my room. When they go away from it, it bums me out. I feel less connected.

Is this trivial? Of course it is.

But symbols have real impacts. Otherwise we wouldn’t use them.

Their is NO program immune to what the kids (the lifeblood) see as trendy. Whether it be the extra longs shorts in :basketball: during the late 80’s early 90’s… the chrome helmets in :football: or NIKE vs Adidas gear.

Until the fans, alumni whatever start suiting up and making a difference on the gridiron/court our input means very little when compared to what recruits find attractive.

I doubt that SMU’s players started a campaign to wear that helmet. They wore it because someone handed it to them and told them to wear it. Since I have no pony in this fight, I could care less. However, I hope to never see the day that we wear little pink piggies on an avocado colored bonnet. That will be a bridge too far for me. I get the pink breast cancer awareness thing. It is well intended, and if it raises money and awareness that’s a good thing. However, I would rather limit the pink to accessories like socks and sweat bands and leave the actual uniforms some combination of cardinal and white. And another thing. Always giving in to the kids is not a recipe for success in anything. We’ve been trying to appeal to recruits with goofy uniforms since 2008. As the kids like to say, “How’s that working out for ya”.

I’ve never believed trendy uniforms ever made any real difference to a recruit. I know some have alluded to liking such uniforms, but I bet we’ve never gotten a recruit because of them or have lost one when we didn’t have them. I don’t mind some variation, but the key word is “some.” IMO, the uniforms should have a basic traditional look. The helmets can be matte, glossy, or flat paint. The pants can have stripes down them or not. I don’t mind various other variations to the uniforms’ look (some look better than others), but we’ve played in uniforms that looked just like Ohio State & worn that awful anthracite. I can’t imagine those things making the difference in where a kid chose to play football. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I just don’t believe traditional or semi-traditional uniforms hurt our recruiting efforts.

Agreed. It certainly hasn’t hurt the Gumps and their traditional unis.


DD is that because your not a fan?

You’re a professional reporter so you have no emotional connection to the program

That’s not to dismis your fine reporting

But this is not rational - it’s attachment and identity on a emotive level and kids rejecting the uniform we love is rejection of us on an emotive level

Me - frankly I’m tired

I just want the Razorbacks to win again

They can act Pagan Celt - strip naked and paint thier bodies Red for all I care if they Win

Now as s profesinsl writer who depends on fans wanting your product - I suspect fans caring about that uniform says there is still life and your devices are still needed

Another thought - maybe the complaints about uniforms is just another way of expressing the discontent for the didapounmrng and unfulfilled hopes fans have had fir years ? That said those complaints say fans still care

Please forgive the rant

I look forward to your reporting

But then again maybe I don’t matter - I’m just a fan

Where all of this comes from is that when Oregon started going crazy with the uniforms, they started recruiting well and winning big.

They’re still going crazy with the unis, but Chip Kelly led to Mark Helfrich led to Willie Taggart led to whoever’s there now. And they’re not winning so big any more. But the unis did help them get the ball rolling. Our ball definitely needs to start rolling again.

If “cool” uniforms gets us one recruit that might have gone somewhere else, then they are worth it. There was a defensive end recruit from Texas in the CBB era, his sister went to the UofA, he told a reporter that his favorite uniform was Arkansas’ anthracite uni’s, and he signed with Stanford. Uni’s are just a small part of the recruiting process but we need all the help we can get. JMVVVVVHO.

My thoughts are that we had several different kinds of uniform combos last year and we finished 2 and 10. So I guess they didn’t motivate the players that much.

Maybe it should be like their practice gear… need to earn it

It will never be THE reason that a player picks a school.

But - from talking to the kids - it is one of the factors.

“The Real Reason …” I think it was mentioned he lost his starting job to a freshman. That tells me all I need to know. Can’t keep your job at SMU so you come to the SEC ???

He got it back after two weeks and kept it for the final six games of the season. Try again. And it’s possible that those two weeks were because he was banged up. It happens.

And you think the SMU coach didn’t have “THE” talk with his QB that Morris had with Story? I don’t live in Arkansas, but I make all the games in Fayetteville. The talk outside the state is different from what I get here. Just trying to give the outside view, also.

Please say more on this

And you assume the talk outside the state has any basis in reality? SMH

Hey, I live out of state… which of course proves your point.