Ready for This Drama to Be Over

Tired of getting on here & reading all the speculation & the edginess among all the posters. We need to be united & ready to will our Hogs to success, support them no matter who’s our AD or coach. I’m ready for this weekend to be over with so we can move forward, one way or the other. But I am ok with a change in coaches. It’s time.

Agree. I keep coming on here looking for REAL info. It is full of rumor and it is this or that, but no one can or will not list any credible sources. I am ready for it to be over one way or the other. If it is Gus, so be it. Norvel? That will be fine. Bret stays. Ok. Whatever it is, it is time to do it or not. I will support whoever.

Remember all the other coaching changes?

Actually I’m not into this one like I was all the others in the past. I just hate it for all those involved, the fans in our state and the kids that suit up for FB, BB, Baseball, etc. And even the coaches. I’m ready for the ending now. Or just wake me up when it’s over. It’s like death and I’m an emotional guy. Don’t like to go to funerals. But I’m with you Hogdr, It’s time. IMO it’s going to be a sad day in Arkansas.

Yes, Let’s give it over with so we can look for good things in the future.

I was hoping if a change was made, we would get Norvel or Kiffen. Those two get me excited, but hiring Gus would be like going to the dentist for me.

I’m not convinced changing coaches right now will make a big difference. I sure hope so. But, it will take finding some magical coach that can fix everything wrong, real fast, to silence the whining.

I don’t see it happening.

I want it over with, too, but it’s unlikely any of us have any really reliable info. Even people who are “in the know” probably don’t know anything for sure. I’m confident there is a move to hire Malzahn, but that’s completely different from actually getting it done. I’m also reasonably sure there’s a strong resistance to hiring him.

I’m sure there are plenty of coaches who’d be interested in the job. I have no idea how many of them are ones who’d do a good job or are ones we’d want. (I know we want one who’d do a good job, but none of us can know who that might be until at least 2-3 seasons are in the books.)

We’ve had this dark cloud hanging over our program really since the end of,last year, when we all lost the faith a little that we could play & win against anybody. I’ve often gone into a season knowing we’re the underdog in a lot of games, but with the belief that we had a real chance to win in spite of everything. I’ve not had this belief much this year. Thus, my thinking it’s time for a change.

But I’m ready for the change to happen, so we all can get excited about the future. All this angst is killing me & is exhausting. We should be making guesses about our bowl destination, not bickering over who is picking our new coach or is running the show.

That describes my feelings lately, too. I felt really good about the direction of the program going into the MU game last year, but the way we lost those last two games left me (& I think all hog fans) with little optimism for this season. As usual, by the time August got here I’d talked myself into believing 7 wins were likely & 8 were possible, but it didn’t take long to bring brought back down. The So. Carolina game really did me in.