Ready for the Secret Weapons against A&M

I have a big crew of friends and family going to the Hog game this Saturday. I am excited to see the Hogs lay it on the line, not only with fire and passion but as a 3 touchdown underdog, need to play like SJSU did last week.

There are probably only a couple of Hog starters that would play for A&M, so have to break out all the stops, trickeration, etc to have a chance. I don’t think Hogs can win “playing within the system” for 60 minutes.

While waiting for Hogs Top Ten from Clay later in the week, what can the Hogs do? Will we see KJ or Jones at QB for a few plays or series? Is Hudson Henry still injured, can he get in and create mismatch? Are we going to see any other true freshman this week for first time?

If we get dominated on the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense like we did last week, no amount of trickeration can overcome that. A&M will have to give US five interceptions to have a chance of pulling the upset, if we don’t do better on both lines.

Yes I believe we will see Jones, Jimbo will be trying to make a statement for recruiting purposes if nothing else. WPS

I don’t know that we have any secret weapons, but I’d like to see us play with a “nothing to lose” attitude because we don’t have anything to lose at this point.

I want us to win for lots of reasons, but would love to beat A&M to show they made a 75 million dollar mistake.

Best news will be if Colton Jackson, Treylon Burks and Montaric Brown are back. That’s the three that were missing last week who could help.

Right, definitely these are a Big 3 and much needed. Also, would throw in Boyd as need him healthy as well.

I can get onboard with that, he’s a proven commodity as a coach but the Sec has a way to humble the best. He possibly has 3 more losses in the Sec this season but nothing would hurt more than getting beat by us. In reality I can’t see us winning Saturday but in reality I cannot believe we are as bad as we played last week and that’s why they play the game. We don’t have to be phenomenal, we just have to play sound,clean fundamentally correct to make a game out of it. I’m growing more hopeful as the week goes along that we at least play competitively and regain some confidence from top to bottom! WPS

My wife attended Grad school at FSU when Fisher was there and even then, people were complaining about how he was ruining the program. I personally think he bolted town before his short comings got him fired. A&M in my opinion, got hosed but having lived among Aggie fans, I don’t feel sorry for them.

Some people say Arkansas are a bit unhinged. But Aggie fans may take the cake. Outside of maybe UT, I have never seen a bigger smug, arrogant, and entitled group of people.

I don’t have any doubt that was the case and I’m a firm believer that you get what you got coming. That’s one of the reason I was okay with the Morris hire and was not onboard with some of the other names people were throwing around, it’s one thing to be bad but it’s another to be bad and under investigation at the same time in my opinion. WPS

Preaching to the choir. We have our faults as a fanbase, but those people have the biggest delusions of granduer of any team in the SEC. Talking to them, you’d think they’ve won 25 NCs in their history.