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K. Dixon and J. Stewart are now 4 star players.

Yes. On 247 they got their 4th star. Not the composite rating though.

On 247, Stewart has a 91 4* rating and Dixon has a 90 4* rating

But if you look up their page, it’ll show the composite score which still shows a 3* for both

Amazing how they improved during the offseason.

Hard work pays off.

Game film has been the same.

Camp results are new

Exactly. I have always said that the ratings system is just a highly flawed data point that normally just begins the conversation on a recruits talent, it’s never been the final word on a recruits abilities.

To me, it would make sense to be accurately evaluated in the offseason, since the evaluators have the most time to sit down and review film. I think a lot of 3 stars haven’t been evaluated yet. So, maybe this is to get everyone accurately evaluated compared to the others, BEFORE their final season in h.s. begins. That would make sense to me.

Toll also went up to 4* per 247

Toll has been a 247 4* for a little while now. Was a composite 4* briefly as well

Everyone but Vance and Edwards has risen (not 3* to 4*, but 87-89, 85-87, etc…). Vance and Edwards seem to have the same number

Season ended in Nov.

FWIW, I think people in the industry do a good job. I’m just saying his game film was worthy of being a 4-star from the get-go. His worth hasn’t changed since the season.

That said, I also know the politics that are involved.

But game film can’t always show true speed, thus the laser 4.61 was confirmation. My kids played 6A East football, it wasn’t stacked with lots of D-I talent.

I get the 4.61. HIs film hasn’t changed. Still the same.

It’s the most impressive DE film I’ve seen. It wasn’t Class 2A ball.

I know, we’ve had this discussion, lol. Maybe you need to submit your resumes to the services. :sunglasses:

Been approached. Not interested.

If he played in 5 a football in Texas, with his film, he would’ve probably started out a 4 star.

But given that Arkansas highschool football is pretty bad, guys with great film could still show up and run a 5.0 or test horribly in the combine type drills.

He’s deserving of his 4 stars, could be really good, but the hesitation with it is reasonable, even Arkansas 6A football can be an absolute joke

He proved he’s pretty much an athletic freak at these camps. Tested really well in everything that the NFL will also test him in, has to be some merit to the system.

Also verified his height and weight, because god knows everyone is an inch or two taller if they don’t go.

I figure Vance will rise, eventually.

I mean he got to go to the opening finals, which is a big deal.

His only hold back is he’s a little dude. But that doesn’t matter so much at DB we’ve seen that, he can flat out cover.

I disagree Arkansas HS football is really bad. They’ve done well against regional teams that are considered powerhouses in those states.