Reading the story about Mangum

Reminded me of another rather speedy Texan who just happens to be Caucasian. Matthew Boling of Houston Strake Jesuit, who is signed to run track at Georgia, ran a wind-aided 9.98 100 meters in the Texas 6A regional meet on Saturday. It won’t be a record because of the wind, but it’s the fastest 100 ever by a high school kid under any conditions. And as a legitimate sub-10 guy, Ato Boldon, noted on Twitter, sometimes you have to break 10 wind-aided before you can break it with no wind. So we’ll get to see this kid in the SEC for a year or two, and he might just challenge for the 2020 Olympic team.

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He might be another Michael Johnson plus the 100. Freakish.

Does anyone know if Bucknam recruited this guy?

Broke wind? And he’s fast doing it? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: