Reading between the lines, it appears that our offense -----------------

-------------------- will be using the H-back as the second or only tight end and probably using it in motion a lot to force the defense to reveal man or zone and overload a side for power run blocking. We appear to have three, at most, regular sized tight ends which is enough, barring injury, for one position but not two. So, Jackson, Draper, Johnson, etc. as H-backs can provide the other block + pass catcher when needed.

We have got some good tight ends in development and being recruited so we can be a double tight end offense when needed in the future. Now, we improvize.

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I think in short yardage/goal line they might bring in a 6th OL in some spots and then have Johnson in as well for a real “heavy” package.

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I don’t think you can lock in exactly how tight ends will be used.

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Maybe you could do an article on the various ways that offensive coordinators use the tight end & h-back? The power run blocking with the passing threat to the tight end off of the fake is a powerful combination. Also, it seems we have been short of tight ends for several years now. We are using a former walk-on as one of our top two. Was the tight end not recruited much under the previous staff and/or have there just been injuries and recruiting failures that have caused this situation AGAIN this year?

I’m not sure I’m good enough to do that kind of analysis. They have signed a tight end in the last two classes. Both are injured. Bad luck. Hudson Henry was the top tight end in the country when he was signed. I think tight ends are hard to find. It’s a deluxe combination of linemen, back and receiver. That’s the ultimate skill set. There was not a tight end in the class that Sam began to recruit after getting the job. One was found, but he hasn’t been healthy yet. The player recruited by previous staff signed with UTSA (Traylor and Lunney).

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