Re: What's wrong with the Arkansas job that it is taking so long to find a coach question.....................

…could the 300 pound Gorilla in the corner be the lack of a shoe fund funneling players to the program? Mike succeeded at UAB and Missouri but didn’t at Arkansas. What changed? I would say recruiting nationwide and especially in the SEC changed. He had a five star recruit last year flip to a “we pay you to play” school at the last minute leaving a huge hole (never filled all season) in the roster for a center who would have freed Chaney AND Gafford to play lots of power forward minutes. That one thing is probably the difference in Arkansas having 5-6 more wins, playing in the NCAA, and Mike keeping his job. If you look at the successful schools in the SEC, they are ALL slimmy, dirty, cheating, schools, in the following order:

  1. Kentucky
  2. LSU
  3. Auburn
  4. MissState
  5. OleMiss
  6. Tennessee

and those are the cheaters that succeeded, not the only cheaters. Alabama and Missouri for example. So, a new coach will be facing high expectations WITHOUT the advantages that all of those schools above have in attracting talented players. That may be the answer to “what is wrong with the Arkansas job?”

I don’t think anyone expects that to go away. They will just cheat smarter in the future. I don’t think Mike went that route and I don’t think Arkansas wants their coaches to do that. Do we “take care of our players” as much as we can and not get into trouble? Sure, but we haven’t gone into the swamp of huge payouts. If we have, we are really bad at it. Bruce Pearl is in the Final Four and being talked about for the UCLA job. If Calipari hasn’t convinced you that cheaters win then Bruce Pearl’s success should put that point over the top. JMVHO.

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Things will hopefully be changing after this FBI investigation and the impact of the changes regarding the one and done rule will also have an impact. I do not know much about the one and done rule change but there is a reason that the Duke coach lambasted the NCAA. Losing those one and done elite players may have a significant impact.

I get your point, but not sure I would include Tennessee in that list.

Rick Barnes seems like a pretty honorable man to me.

Except for $100 hand shakes and other pocket change, since they will certainly spend it, it is impossible to pay players and/or their families without leaving an easy to follow money trail.

You talk about $100 over and over again. Who in your opinion is doing it? Our coaches? Our boosters? In both football and basketball? Or just basketball? I am sure you don’t have direct evidence of this, right? Or do you?

The Arkansas job isn’t as big a deal outside of this state as we’d perhaps like to believe it is. Our fan base isn’t normally the most patient, either.

Maybe our number 1 choice’s season is not over.

Hundred dollar handshakes were openly bragged about at Kentucky back in the fifties. John Wooden’s great teams were bought and paid for by a wealthy booster. THAT has been admitted openly. Today, Kentucky is hauling in player after player making “business decisions” to go there and the way being greased by World Bee Free and his friends. It is common knowledge that in Memphis, by the time a player shows great potential in junior high, he is locked up with a “sugar daddy” relative, coach, or just a guy with some money, who is giving him cash now as long as he can be his agent “now and into the future.” If colleges trying to recruit them don’t pay them just like they are paying the players, they steer their players to programs who do. The coach at LSU was complaining about one recruit’s “handler” being upset that, even though the payout was OK for the player and his family, there wasn’t enough in it for him and he was holding up the signing wanting more money". That is not an isolated case, that is the norm with great athletes. When Cam Newton’s Dad stated, when Cam was being re-recruited after being kicked out of Florida, “that they were NOT going to settle for chump change this time” the only thing unusual about that was he talked in front of witnesses who squeeled on him. It was later revealed he got $200,00 cash, plus a huge bump in business for his trucking company, plus a huge boost in giving to Cam’s Dad’s Church where he was the Pastor. I wonder how much the “chump change” from Florida was? If the FBI hadn’t gotten involved in the shoe companies payouts (competing to help THEIR teams succeed against the other shoe companies teams) none of this would be news. After the FBI goes away, it will all come back with them just being more careful this time. I don’t think this system will ever be cleaned up.

Or, the guy that they want is still working…

I would agree with this to a certain extent, but I don’t think they are being turned down as some seem to think.

I think it is a process.

I agree with that, but the job isn’t as much of a “destination job” as some here want to believe it is. Kids coming out of HS aren’t old enough to remember the UA being relevant on the basketball scene. Not saying we’re back to the pre-Sutton era, but let it go on another 10-12 years, and that’s most likely where it will be. It all cannot bode well for being able to recruit.

Whoever we end up hiring needs to get back into the Memphis recruiting area to some real degree. Just my $0.02 worth.

I think the state of Arkansas now produces enough hoop talent that we could live with just in-state kids, with the possible exception of bigs, if you can keep them here. Even that we’ve got Portis, Gafford, the kid at Northside. Bigs, you go where you need to go. Sutton seemed to recruit well in the Kansas City area; Steve Schall came from up there.

I agree to a certain extent. This state is starting to produce a lot of GOOD talent that’s choosing to go elsewhere, and we need a coach who can come in and curb that. Would to God we’d be able to look schools like KU in the eye and expect to sign kids that they’re hot on the trail of. Right now, it seems to be the exception rather than the norm. The majority of out of state kids on the roster over the years outnumbered the ones from inside the state, though, and we’ve watched some really good ones leave and go elsewhere.