Re: Scotties article on Billy Napier

I’m telling you guys right now that he will have the Gators back to prominence in the SEC, and it won’t take him long to accomplish. I watched him closely at ULL and he is like Sam Pittman when it comes to his team doing anything they can to win for their coach.

I was a fan of his at ULL. We’ll see what he can do with the Wallets.

Bob wrote that. But I do like the guy, too.

Sorry - very good article Bob!

Florida ought to be good every year with their recruiting base. Napier’s task is to tear down the old culture and build a new one that lets the Gators function as a winning team, and not just a roster with lots of guys with the physical tools to get to the next level. Napier looks to be a guy that can get that done, but it may take some time.

A first year Top 25 finish will be tough., The East has gotten a lot tougher at the level right below Georgia the last couple of years, with Tenn and Kentucky better than the Gators and South Carolina one year further into its rebuild. The Gators also have a home opener with Utah, a road game against A $ M the week after the Georgia game, and the usual finale with Florida State.

I’m going to take a wait and see on Napier. I’ve met him before when he came recruiting one of our running backs. He’s a sharp guy but he’s about to jump into the big leagues where it is an absolute meat grinder not one week but every week and we will see how he does. But I liked him the time that I met him.

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He is a very good coach Youda. I had hoped the Hogs would look at him seriously after Morris, but things have turned out pretty good with SP!

Yeah I think he is too, but he’s never had to face this kind of competition every week.he will be able to recruit a lot better at Florida than he did ULL that’s for sure, that’s one thing he has going for him.probably take him 2- 3 years to get all the kind of people he wants in the program, he’s a good guy though. He’s got as good a chance as anybody that could have hired.

Well stated

I don’t really know all that much about the coach, though the impression I have of him is positive.

However, you hear the term “courses for horses” used widely in both horseracing and golf. The message being, in some environments certain people excel, even when they might not in other scenarios.

I think Sam Pittman is a hand-in-glove fit for Arkansas. He’s been an exceptional assistant coach for 20+ years, wherever he’s been. But I’m not sure he’d be quite as successful - as a Head Coach - at just any University…Say, UCLA, Arizona, Northwestern, Stanford? Don’t know. At Arkansas, he’s “one of ours” and in addition to his fantastic ability to coach technique, he is a super cultural fit here.

I wonder about Napier, if his “fit” will work at a place like Florida that’s been spoiled with high-level success the last 30 years…will they have the patience it may take to implement his system and build the program back up? At a place like ULL, where expectations are relatively much lower, he was clearly able to do so. Probably would have been a good fit at LSU, because most of their fan base would be familiar enough with him to provide the initial support needed.

But Florida? Just not sure. Will be interesting to watch.

Wiz, re: LSU an interesting sidenote - LSU and UL Lafayette do not like each other - large segments of fans, administrators, alumni, basically everyone. And this is hearsay, but I believe it to be accurate - Napier was strongly considered by many within LSU but the Tiger Athletic Foundation (money men) refused to consider a coach from such a ‘lowly school’ as ULL.

I can understand while you confuse them. They look so much alike.


Just watch one presser, and you’ll never confuse Scottie with Bob, lol.

Identical twins.


Scottie only wishes he was that handsome and quiet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I get told I’m quiet all the time. Nate Allen since I’ve been on the beat has ribbed me in transcriptions by writing, “Scottie whispers something” when I ask a question. I’ve got a fairly deep voice but I guess it doesn’t carry well.

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I get that, but at least folks ins Louisiana know who he is and - regardless of where he was coming from - they can’t help but notice how he has performed at a place with a lot fewer advantages than LSU. If he had been the choice, I believe the Tiger faithful would have rallied behind him.

Probably so Wiz

Arkansas money guys and fans would react the same way if the UA were to hire someone directly from Jonesboro.