Re RRS, just noticed something very interesting

The few rows of seats on top of the South End Zone used by the students are labeled sections 520 to 530, a total of 11 sections. I think there are 6 rows now with the flat roof area behind them that is used for the tents, etc. Those seats looked pretty darn full for Bama, maybe 40% full for OM if that.

But if you go to the UA ticket website and look at the pages where you can select your seat for each game (Florida for instance), it shows 25 rows each for sections 520 through 530, with each section containing 520 gray dots (each dot being a “seat”). So if they do ever build an upper deck there, the ticket website will be ready. Sort of.

And those additional 19 rows, if the existing seats are 6 rows deep, would add about 400 seats per section for a total of 4840. Which would take us over 80K capacity including the new NEZ stuff. Basically, it looks like each extra row up there will add something like 220-240 seats, depending on how much the corner sections become piece-of-pie shaped.

I love anything that takes us over 80k.

Sounds more impressive to TV audiences and recruits.

Even when coach B was giving ole miss pep talk he said you have some 70-80k fans in there for you etc.

70 plus sounds a little above Mississippi schools and way below the bigs.

80 plus sounds like a big and a serious player.

Thanks for sharing.

Building this new addition and being just short of 80k hurts.

This makes me feel better that country may see our 80k plus beautiful stadium and program that is stepping up in appearance of a major player.

Love it